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Top 5 Uses of Best Knowledge Base Tools for SaaS Product

Top 5 Uses of Best Knowledge Base Tools for SaaS Product

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Last updated on Mar 29, 2021

Knowledge base tools are the future of customer support.

81 percent of all customers try taking care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative. It’s in the company’s best interest to provide kick-ass customer service.

It’s no longer about cutting down service costs. When you use knowledge base tools, you deliver a better customer experience, as you’re available all day, every day.

Your clients find everything they need on your website to get the most out of every interaction with your product. And get to solve problems by themselves, with no need for human interaction.

There’s so much that you can achieve by investing in knowledge base solutions and knowledge base tools for your business.

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5 ways to use Best Knowledge Base Tools

Here are five ways you can use the best knowledge base tools to improve your relationship with customers and increase efficiency across departments:

  1. Self-service customer support
  2. Online collaboration platform for your employees
  3. Efficient resource for training current staff and new hires
  4. A tool to glean useful feedback from your existing users
  5. A source of web traffic

Knowledge Base Tools Help Meet Your Customers’ Expectations

Knowledge Base Tools - Customer Expectations

Clients are expecting excellent self-service options, especially when doing business with SaaS companies.

Customers today have different consumption habits than they used to. They are looking for new features in a company when making their buying decisions. 67 percent of millennials have increased their expectations only in the past year when it comes to customer support.

Giving your customers instant access to all the information they need is part of your job. You must provide them with quick answers to their questions and with solutions that are easy to implement.

Not having a searchable knowledge base where your users can find the information they need quickly equates to poor customer support, below the industry standard.

Customers don’t like to call for support or to write and receive tens of emails to solve a simple problem. They want control over their interaction with your brand. Give them that, and they’ll be satisfied with your product and services.

Build your knowledge base tools to give your customers freedom of movement. Teach them how to change their settings without the need to call or email. Show them how to fix their problems alone and you’ll win their loyalty.

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Organise Your Knowledge Base Well

Knowledge Base tools - Organized content

When organised well, your knowledge base tools help you to meet your customers’ expectations and provide them with excellent support. This way, you can consolidate business relationships with your clients — which means increased retention rates and higher revenues in the long-run.  

A knowledge base software allows you to build a flexible tool that solves problems in multiple departments. As a result, you’ll register a lower number of tickets, and you reduce the costs of customer support.

A practical knowledge base simplifies everything. Users can self-diagnose their problems and even solve issues without the need for human interaction. Moreover, they can learn more about the new features of your product straight from your website.

Furthermore, when customers call for support, your employees can use the same tool to give fast, accurate answers on the spot. There’s no need for a transfer to another department or a second call to solve simple issues.

Joint problems, bugs, updates that go wrong — these things happen often. Best knowledge base tools in place can minimise the effects that small errors have on your business.

As customers find their answers in your knowledge base, you reduce the high volume of interactions between your staff and clients while providing consistent service. You give standard solutions to common questions, so all your customers can benefit from the same quality of the information they receive.

On the other hand, your employees will spend less time solving simple issues. So, they can focus on different aspects of their jobs — creative tasks or resolving complex issues for customers.

You get to reduce the time from opening a ticket to closing it. You increase productivity and solve your customers’ problems faster.

Implement a knowledge base system today and reduce your customer support cost by 67%

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Knowledge Base Tools to Improve Communication Inside the Company

Knowledge Base Tools - Improved communication

Internal communication is vital for the efficiency of your business. Employees must have active communication channels to stay updated on new projects and changes in the company’s strategy.  

Poor communication is one of the most common causes of workplace demotivation. Employees who spend too much time trying to find the information they need for work are more likely to be exhausted, confused, and frustrated about their jobs.

The best knowledge base tools don’t serve only your customers, but your employees as well. A knowledge base software can help you create a useful toolkit for information sharing between all departments inside your company.

As your business grows and you get to develop multiple projects at the same time, having all the data in one place keeps information flows intact — which means increased efficiency and better results for the company.

When your employees know where to look for updated information, they can complete their tasks in less time and meet deadlines. Better yet, everybody gets access to the single, most recent version of your company data. This way, there’s less room for communication errors and misunderstandings.

Your Knowledge Base is a Useful Resource for your Staff

When your employees receive consistent guidance, you create a friendly working environment, where everyone feels confident about performing tasks, and less supervision is required for new hires.

With an informative internal knowledge base software, you can create a platform for your staff only. Your employees can find all the information they need to perform daily activities and increase productivity.

Face-to-face communication is important inside the company, but an online tool can create those bridges that your employees need to become more efficient. You’ll have fewer employees emailing questions and looking for solutions in various departments.

You’ll also get to reduce the number of meetings necessary to keep everybody in the loop about projects.

You Can Use Knowledge Base Tools to Train Your Employees

Knowledge Base Tools - Internal Training

Knowledge base tools can become an essential resource for your HR department as well, especially for training employees.

It makes things simple and efficient, as everyone can access the information and learn at their own rhythm, without stress and frustration.

Two out of three UK workers have left their jobs because of a lack of training and development opportunities. Training is a key area in a company’s development, and ongoing education is vital for improving employee retention.

Organising classrooms is a challenge, especially when you have to train staff from several departments, with different schedules and learning abilities. Your company can spend thousands of dollars, and your employees waste a significant number of working hours going to classes. Often, the results fail to meet expectations.

When you use a knowledge base software to educate your employees, you cut down costs and get better results. Your staff can learn at comfortable hours, that suit their availability. No one is left behind because they can’t keep up with the rest of the team.

And if you collaborate with people from different parts of the world, you don’t have to worry about time zones.

Another advantage comes from the fact that you can use the same content over and over, every time you need to train a new group of employees. Even better, you can perform updates without having to rewrite courses from scratch whenever needed.

Other Ways to Benefit from Knowledge Base Tools

Besides training your employees, your HR department can use your knowledge base software in other ways to increase efficiency:

  • Introducing new hires to the company’s documentation
  • Distributing messages across departments
  • Sharing updates on the company policies
  • Discussing vacation schedules, pay schedules, and other administrative issues

An internal knowledge base is a modern tool to train employees and make communication easier. It’s also a tool that gives your company kudos — you look up-to-date and modern — the kind of place everyone wants to work for.

Simple and intuitive knowledge base software for your business needs

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You Get Valuable Feedback from Your Customers

Knowledge Base Tools - Feedback

A knowledge base can give you in-depth information about the way in which your customers interact with your product and feel about your brand.

The best knowledge base software integrates analytics that provides you with valuable data about your users. It’s an excellent tool to measure your performances in the market and the quality of your services.

With every question your customers ask and every problem they manage to solve by themselves, you’re one step closer to understanding your users and their current needs.

Built-in analytics allow you to track your reader’s journey through your knowledge base. Use this tool to identify users’ questions and problems and to provide your audience with the best answers.

This way, you develop a knowledge base tool that meets your customers’ expectations and adds value to your public.

Based on what users are searching for in your knowledge base, you can identify trends and hot topics in your industry that you can use to improve your content strategy.

When you create fresh, valuable content that solves problems, you’re more likely to attract new visitors to your website, get more leads, and increase conversion rates.

Learn to read between the lines and to get the most from the data provided by analytics. Focus on the motivation behind each query in your knowledge base to understand what generates the need for customer support. Ask yourself:

What is the user trying to accomplish with each question?

When you find the reason behind the search, you can identify pain points and gaps in the market.

The information that you gather using a knowledge base software is the best starting point for developing new, better products or for introducing additional features to your existing software.

You Give a Boost to Your SEO Strategy

Knowledge Base Tools - SEO strategy

A knowledge base has immense marketing potential. It keeps your current customers satisfied and can hook new clients looking for SaaS companies that include robust knowledge base tools with their product.

Better yet, your knowledge base can boost your SEO and enhance your content strategy in more ways than one.

Make your knowledge base easily searchable on the internet

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Here’s how you can use your knowledge base for SEO purposes:

  • Good articles increase the time your visitors spend on your website. The time visitors spend on your page (dwell time) is an important ranking element for search engines. The more time visitors spend on your site, the better for your SERP ranking.
  • Your knowledge base can also influence other metrics, such as bounce rate and engagement. This depends on how your visitors interact with your website.
  • The high-quality content you publish in your knowledge base makes you an authority in your industry. When people trust you and come to your website for answers, so will search engines.
  • The words that your visitors use to find information inside your knowledge base can help you identify new, more specific keywords to target. This way, you can optimise your content to reach an audience that has a real interest in your product.
  • When you optimise your knowledge base for SEO, you increase your organic reach as well as Google ranks websites that provide visitors with excellent user experience higher in search results.

When you include your knowledge base in your content strategy, you make it a powerful marketing tool that can help you improve brand awareness and brand recognition among a broader audience.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many ways in which knowledge base tools can increase efficiency and improve your business relationship with your clients.

Depending on your activity, company size, and industry, you can use your knowledge base for internal purposes, self-service customer support, or both.

From providing useful feedback from your customers to improving your digital marketing strategy, you can use your knowledge base in various ways to increase efficiency and enhance communication within your firm.

Also, the flexibility of a knowledge base system allows you to train employees. This also gives them easy access to your documentation from any device.

Knowledge base tools contribute to helping make your company an excellent working environment and a modern business partner for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Now that you know the different uses of a knowledge base tool, you might be looking for a reliable knowledge base software solution.

Why not give Document360 a try? Document360 is knowledge base software tailored at improving your user experience and help you reduce your customer churn rate.

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