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Best Intranet Software Platforms

Best Intranet Software Platforms & Tools for 2024

Category: Knowledge Base Software

Last updated on Jul 2, 2024

Are you confused about selecting the right intranet software for your business? If the answer is YES, you’ve reached the right page!

In this blog post, we aim to explore what intranet software is, why you need one, the essential features you must look out for, and our top 8 picks for you to explore.

So, without further delays, let’s dive in.

What is Intranet Software?

Intranet software enables you to create a homogeneous environment for employees to interact, collaborate, and access important company information hassle-free. Since its access is available to authorized people only, the information stored stays safe and allows employees to store or access important information efficiently.

You can create social intranets where employees can communicate and collaborate safely with other members without losing information outside the workspace. Or, you can create an internal knowledge base to store company information and policies.

Why Do You Need Intranet Software?

But why should your company invest in intranet software, and how does it benefit your employees? There are three convincing reasons to invest in one today. Let’s find out below.

  • Centralizes communication of diverse teams: We agree that seamless communication in a work environment helps to improve work efficiency. They are investing in an intranet. Allows you to create forums or integrate with communication platforms that help employees engage and connect with others. The best part is they can connect with diverse teams to ensure their doubts get cleared faster and avoid any work roadblocks to be more productive.
  • Eases employee onboarding: Intranet software also allows you to document necessary processes in a help center that helps employees after being hired at your organization. From finding answers about their roles and responsibilities to understanding how the payroll system works, internal documentation helps employees with A-Z-related questions throughout their lifecycle at the organization.
  • Keeps the employees on the same page: Besides communication between and within the team, management can communicate company-wide. They can share organizational achievements, announcements, news, and updates. This keeps all the employees and management on the same page.

8 Essential Features to Consider When Choosing Intranet Software

Now that we know why one must invest in intranet software, it is time to look at a few essential features you must consider when choosing one for your business. These include the following:

1. Integration with popular collaboration tools

Ensure that your intranet software can integrate with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, and others. These team collaboration tools will allow employees to connect and complete their work within deadlines.

2. Early adoption curve

You also need to see if the tool is easy to learn and offers hassle-free adoption for people with less coding knowledge. This is true for businesses that are just getting started and don’t have the budget to hire a developer who can set up and run the intranet.

3. Document creation and sharing

One key component you cannot ignore is the intranet software’s ability to create and share documents with employees. Tools with the ability to create and share content will allow you to create help centers, employee handbooks, policy documentation, product documentation, and more.

4. Navigation and AI-powered Search

Since AI is booming in the current SaaS scenario, many SaaS businesses have integrated its use into their tools. Intranet solutions have also done the same. You can find this functionality in the form of AI-powered search options, content suggestions, and more.

5. Mobile app functionality

If your intranet can be managed on the go, that’s awesome for your business. Look for a solution that comes with mobile app functionality. It would allow you to make changes to content or help employees communicate even when they are not in the office.

6. Different levels of user control and access

Intranet software should also allow you to assign users with different levels of control and access to ensure content safety. This ability increases security and ensures you know who is working on which type of content and when they edited it later.

7. User authentication and data encryption

Another feature to protect your data when using intranet software is to see whether it offers authentication and encryption. This will help you understand if authorized users logged in to the tool or if the data was read by people who have a secret key or password when accessing the data.

8. Advanced analytics for usable insights

Let’s not forget the data. You will need detailed reports that help you assess whether your content is successful among employees. If they don’t find a few articles helpful, you can narrow them down and make changes as per their feedback to create more useful content.

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Top 8 Intranet Software Solutions of 2024 Compared

1. Document360 – Best for Business to Create Internal Knowledge Base

Document360 home page

Document360 is one of the best knowledge-base software solutions, and it can create an internal knowledge base for your teams. However, it can be used as intranet software to create a centralized repository of information that can be accessed by employees. You can also establish restrictions based on user roles and provide SSO logins for user access. It is powered by AI capabilities, therefore helping users get access to advanced search, content, and tag recommendation functionalities. Moreover, Document360 is loaded with security features like setting roles and responsibilities for different users to help you safeguard sensitive information from external sources.

It doesn’t stop there, it also offers detailed article creation and sharing options. You can add images, videos, and GIFs to make your internal documentation more approachable for employees. Even the HTML (WYSIWYG) Editor enables you to format content per your business guidelines and format existing collaterals like images and videos per branding rules.

For collaboration, content creators can leave in-line comments for others to implement the changes. It even integrates with popular communication platforms like Slack and MS Teams to enhance collaboration abilities and help employees share the same thoughts.

Key Features of Document360:

  • Use advanced search capabilities to find the right helpful articles in the knowledge base
  • Set team roles based on content requirements to increase security
  • Host documentation with your company domain with custom domain mapping
  • Integrate with communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Team to enhance productivity
  • Use AI to get recommendations for articles, titles, tags, and much more


  • Offers an easy learning curve
  • Integrates seamlessly with collaboration tools
  • Simplifies content creation with AI

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2. Unily – Best for Building a Holistic Employee Experience


Unily, an intranet software is the perfect platform to help your business scale internal content operations and keep employees united in an enterprise environment. This employee experience platform allows you to build an internal communication platform while managing every operation from one place. Features like content review core help you understand when the content needs to be refreshed and help employees resolve their doubts about company policies or even regarding your product.

Key Features of Unily:

  • Use generative AI for content translation and creation
  • Gain insights into employee behavior with reports and analytics
  • Send broadcast emails to employees at once to keep them updated on your progress
  • Build a multi-channel communication platform for employees to track all conversations
  • Use their intranet CMS to create, publish, and manage content from one place


  • Uses consumer feedback to make product upgrades
  • Comes with a short learning curve
  • Supports strong searchability feature

3. Workvivo – Best for Managing Employee Engagement & Communication


Workvivo is an employee engagement solution with strong intranet capabilities. It helps its users create a sense of inclusiveness for their employees by allowing them to create community spaces efficiently. It also creates wikis and help documentation for employees that they can refer to anytime. It even allows its users to add roles and permissions to manage and check the performance of all the articles created with the help of this intranet software.

Key Features of Workvivo:

  • Create an inclusive environment for employees working remotely through news and articles
  • Help employees get hat and push notifications to stay in the loop for all information
  • Build community spaces to foster a sense of belonging for employees
  • Reward employees with badges and awards for their contributions at work
  • Capture the pulse of your organization with polls and surveys


  • Helps employees share content on internal groups or spaces
  • Connects employees from different departments seamlessly
  • Shows no signs of lags or glitches to users during regular use

4. LumApps – Best for Hybrid Businesses to Drive Employee Engagement


LumApps is the perfect solution for your hybrid workspace, helping your employees connect, engage, collaborate, and find relevant information about company policies in seconds. This intranet-packaged solution allows users to work from anywhere. It can help you keep your employees engaged irrespective of their roles or location. With the ability to provide shared knowledge in 30+ languages, LumApps ensures that all your employees feel inclusive and get access to necessary information in no time.

Key Features of LumApps:

  • Create content for employees with the CMS platform and its templates
  • Create content for employees across the globe in their local language with multi-lingual capabilities
  • Drive content strategy based on detailed analytics
  • Encourage knowledge sharing by creating communities
  • Get Ai-recommendations to expedite content creation


  • Users can be from non-technical backgrounds and still create and edit content
  • Offers easy-to-use mobile app
  • Makes it easier to share news and updates with employees, a hassle-free process

5. Staffbase – Best for Building an Inclusive Work Culture


Staffbase is another intranet software recommendation we’d like you to explore in 2024. This engagement platform is known for its ability to stay organized and give you control over communication. You can give ownership to the right entities who manage content by giving them specific roles and permitting them to manage the internal documentation easily. Staffbase also sends out automated content refresh updates to users, therefore helping them know when their content gets outdated.

Key Features of Staffbase:

  • Create content using AI to speed content creation
  • Personalize content as per local relevance with multi-lingual functionality
  • Create user groups and offer permission to perform specific tasks
  • Avoid content silos with a shared editorial content calendar
  • Design landing pages within the intranet tool with no-code templates


  • Brings quick and responsive support team to answer customer queries
  • Customizes the tool as per individual client ideas
  • Offers a no-code tool and helps users build an internal communication portal

6. Igloo – Best for Creating Tailored Engagement Experience for Employees


Igloo is also an intranet software that can create personalized engagement experiences for employees. It helps you reduce the gap between employees from different departments and gives them a place where they can connect and engage to resolve their work-related queries efficiently. For companies, this tool is a saving grace because it allows you to conduct polls and surveys to understand their collective feedback and make changes to the environment accordingly. Moreover, you can also create virtual water coolers for employees sitting in different places to connect and engage for even small talk.

Key Features of Igloo:

  • Build meaningful content with generative AI content assistant
  • Use targeted publication and scheduling to share role-specific information
  • Share company milestones on communities, groups, or spaces
  • Use page templates to produce content faster
  • Keep employees engaged with content updates via notifications


  • Helps you create documentation and improve it based on feedback
  • Secures document sharing by editing control permission
  • Allows you to create knowledge base articles with its templates

7. Interact – Best for Increasing Workplace Productivity


Interact, with little to no complications, is also one of our list of top intranet software picks. With the ability to personalize each experience, this tool allows you to set content access and boost engagement. It also offers great insights on popular content, search items, and flaffing issues. You can also start a forum inviting employees to participate in a discussion and understand their opinions regarding a few matters.

Key Features of Interact:

  • Conduct pulse checks with surveys
  • Make content accessible with cloud-storage integrations
  • Send important updates with broadcasts
  • Create engaging intranet homepages tailored to the audience’s needs
  • Build communities to improve internal communication and boost productivity


  • Offers an excellent support community
  • Offers comprehensive customization options
  • Provides quick support without any delays

8. Confluence


Confluence turned out to be our top pick due to its ability to create an internal website that employees can access. While it is a knowledge management system, it does bring in functionalities like collaboration, communication, and community building through its features. You can use Pages to create articles for the employee help center. You can use their Whiteboards to help employees engage, communicate, and collaborate on ideas that need to be brought to life.

Key Features of Confluence:

  • Turn haphazardly written notes into polished articles with AI
  • Use the Whiteboard to collaborate and visualize ideas
  • Alert teams with notifications so they take up assigned tasks faster
  • Share and protect sensitive information with roles and permissions
  • Build an inclusive environment with announcements


  • Makes collaboration on documents easier with comments
  • Offers seamless sharing options with roles and permissions
  • Provides multiple templates to kickstart the content creation process

Onboard the Best Intranet Software for Your Business

With a fair share of knowledge of intranet software, you have understood that such a platform can help you create helpful content and build communities that help employees resolve their doubts about the company and its existing policies. Moreover, using this tool benefits your organization by streamlining communication across departments, improving productivity, and helping you reward employees openly for their contributions at work.

However, building such a platform is not easy. You will need a solution that helps you build an office intranet space for your employees and improves communication efficiency. We listed some of the best options in the SaaS market and compared them for you, and we hope you will find your fit.

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do companies still use intranets?

    Yes, companies use intranets to share valuable company and product information with employees and ease communication across departments.

  • If you are searching for the best intranet software to solve your content needs, we suggest you try Document360. It is the best intranet solution for businesses that want to create helpful content for their internal teams.

  • Like the tools mentioned above, Microsoft SharePoint is an intranet software that allows users to create communication and hub sites.

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