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Enterprise ready

Document360 provides rich set of enterprise features including enterprise grade security, compliance, and access controls.

Enterprise ready

Product Assortment

Product assortment is the method by which SaaS companies create different product packages to appeal to different buyer segments.

Document360 offers four different pricing plans to appeal to different buyers. The pricing plans are simple and transparent.

  • Startup plan provides basic features to author and publish content in a custom domain with home page customization.
  • Business plan offers more functionalities and capabilities for content management, content sharing and analytics.
  • Enterprise plan provides sophisticated enterprise features and ability to have both private and public knowledge base.
  • Enterprise plus plan gives enterprise grade knowledge base for large scale deployments with premium customer support.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on enable enterprises to manage users from a single, central directory.

Document360 support enterprise grade single sign-on features such as SAML, OpenID and JWT.

  • SAML supports popular IdPs that includes Okta, auth0, OneLogin, and so on.
  • OpenID automatically signs users in when they are on their corporate devices connected to your corporate network.
  • JWT is used for readers login only.

Audit Logs

Audit logs provide knowledge base admins with a detailed trail of team account activity in the knowledge base portal.

Document360 keeps an immutable and time-synced audit log data. These audit logs are searchable and filterable.

  • Audit can be configured for various events that occur in your knowledge base project.
  • Audit logs can be filtered by event type, data and team accounts.
  • Knowledge base admin can access audit logs and configure access controls to audit logs.

Role Based Access Control

Role based access control allow for the separation of privileges by user role. Offering separate account and privileges are part of industry-wide security best practices.

Document360 offers role-based access control to the knowledge portal. This also applies to knowledge base site that consumes different content based on their assigned readers role.

  • Granular access to knowledge base site can be set at project, language and version level. Moreover, individual category and article level can be set as per enterprise security requirements.
  • Knowledge base portal and site roles can be defined, and appropriate team accounts can be attached with each roles for enforcing stringent security privileges.
  • IP based restrictions can be implemented to block or allow single or range of IP addresses.

Change Management

Change management processes shall empower admins with tools and collateral to roll out features and product changes.

Document360 provides dedicated training material and other related content for enterprise to train their internal users on new product capabilities and features.

  • Change log is published for every product release and knowledge base portal users are notified via in-app notification.
  • Detailed documentation for recently released product feature on time to help enterprise customers prepare training materials for their users.
  • How-to guides, tutorial videos, best practices and blogs are published to help users maximise the use of product capabilities.

Product Security

Product security is crucial for SaaS vendors to gain customer trust and comply with privacy regulations.

Document360 being a custodian of customers’ data, a multi-fold model of security architecture, robust product delivery and a highly resilient service platform are the key tenets of its service delivery.

  • Customer data is protected with state-of-the-art encryption technology, role-based access control, perimeter security. Traffic is monitored for Distributed Denial of Service attacks.
  • Security and privacy are baked into product release cycle with stringent security practices applied across devops teams, code review and version control.
  • Highly resilient architecture offers high availability and scalability. Data backups are carried out on a regular basis.

Deployment Options

Balance data security concerns and application overhead with flexible deployment options.

Document360 provides options to have a dedicated single-tenant instance for total isolation, control and security.

  • Document360 basic offerings are suitable for SaaS companies looking for SaaS knowledge in public cloud.
  • Enterprise plus plans offers fully managed technology stack for total isolation and additional security for data sovereignty.
  • Document360 can be hosted in any part of the world where Microsoft Azure data centre is available.

Team Management

Team Management enables collaboration with others by securely inviting and linking team accounts to SaaS platform.

Document360 provides rich capabilities to manage team accounts centrally and provides intuitive interface for managing roles and user privileges.

  • Document360 enables team accounts to be invited, assigned to specific roles and revoke user permission from a central location.
  • Role based access control provides a rich feature to manage team accounts as per company policies and security protocols.
  • API token, integrations, user comments and ownership sharing can be configured as granular as possible for better team ownership and responsibility.


Integration tool helps to create data portability by allowing users to pull data out and push data into your application.

Document360 offers plethora of integrations to connect to enterprise business applications. This maximises business agility and reduces governance overhead.

  • Well-documented Application Programming Interface (APIs) helps users to achieve interoperability between different business applications.
  • Document360 provides native integrations with popular helpdesk and team collaboration tools.
  • Document360 connectors are available in workflow automation platform such as Zapier and Integromat.
  • Document360 support various third party tools to be embedded in knowledge base site for chat, collaboration, analytics, marketing and analytics purposes.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports allow admins to demonstrate value gained from the use of an application and enables users to make data-driven decisions.

Document360 offers rich analytics to help content producers get meaningful insights.

  • Document360 provides insights on geography, performance, search, team accounts, feedback, links status, page not found and ticket deflector.
  • Interactive dashboards provide an intuitive interface to understand any patterns and trends behind those metrics.
  • Analytics reports can be generated at pre-defined time intervals and can be exported in a machine-readable format.

SLA and Support

Enterprise SLA & support enable enterprise to get good quality of service and offer assistance to resolve support issues respectively.

Document360 platform is built on resilient architecture which is scalable and secure. Product engineering and service delivery principles are baked into architecture for high reliability.

  • Document360 offers 99% uptime and publishes the platform status to offer updates in case of unexpected downtime; Response time is very less for high priority issues.
  • Document360 serves its customer by offering support in different methods including email, chat and dedicated customer success manager.
  • High-quality product documentation and product feature request are available as part of service offerings.

Privacy and Compliance

Data privacy and compliance with privacy laws are indispensable for SaaS vendors to offer their products and services around the world.

Document360 implements infrastructure security, data management practices, and secure product build to product consumers’ data and privacy.

  • Document360 complies with The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have robust data management practices to comply with local data privacy laws.
  • Our internal employees are trained on recurring cycle basis on customer confidentiality, privacy regulations, local consumer laws, best practices in customer data handling.
  • Costumer’s data is protected by applying multi-tiered data security model, adhering to stringent data security practices and good data governance processes.