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About Panaya

Panaya is an industry leader in testing and providing impact analysis solutions for large companies utilizing ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle or Salesforce. Panaya’s change intelligence software empowers ERP managers and CRM admins see the potential change reaction of every upgrade, update or added feature. This helps them know what exactly might break, what to fix, what to test, and even get accurate turn-by-turn directions to navigate any change, big or small.

Business Requirement

Panaya sought a knowledge management platform to host all their customer-facing documentation, including user guides, troubleshooting guides, and regular release notes. Panaya’s sales team were also looking for a private site to host their internal documents and articles.

They were earlier hosting their documentation on another knowledge management platform in the market, but they faced certain issues with it such as:

  • The search functionality was not effective. It was not bringing up relevant articles for the information customers were looking for.
  • Since the platform did not provide version history as a feature, it was difficult to refer to earlier versions and review the changes made.
  • The lack of versioning and workflow features made team collaboration difficult in terms of updating and maintaining their knowledge platform.


After evaluating a few options in the market, Panaya opted for Document360 to host their online knowledge base. The following features made it a suitable choice for them.

  • The rich metrics provided by Document360 provide insights on
    1. Information their customers are looking for
    2. Pain points customers face with their documentation
    3. The most read articles
  • The mixed access feature allowed Panaya’s sales team to create a privately accessed section within the site for their team members to access exclusively.
  • The workflow designer helped them ensure that every step of the migration process was reviewed before the content went online. They had to migrate nearly 600 articles to Document360.
  • The intuitive user interface made it an enjoyable experience for their customers and employees to use the site.
  • They could add a few javascripts to modify the way their documentation site was viewed on any device like a computer, laptop, mobile phone, or tablets and even customize the resolution at which the information should be available.
  • CSS and Javascripts allows further customization of the site if required.
  • Features like article versioning facilitate more team collaboration allowing multiple contributors to work on a single article, track changes, and refer to earlier versions of the article if required.

Yoni Hubermann, Director of Customer Education at Panaya says

Document360’s has transformed the way our customers access our content. The analytics provide information customers are looking for, their pain points and most frequently visited articles, which in turn helps us continually update and maintain our knowledge base.

Business Transformation

Yoni says Panaya sees around 4,000 customers use their documentation every month and some of their articles getting close to 10,000 views.

We are extremely happy with the solution. We have been getting feedback from both customers and employees on how much easier it is to use, how the search function works, which makes finding information simple.

As a result, Panaya’s usage of Document360 has grown with their sales center too now using the product to maintain their internal private knowledge base.


Document360, with its intuitive user interface and features, was a perfect solution to Panaya, who were looking for a modern, robust platform to host their documentation. It makes visiting and finding information a quick and effective process, enticing customers to increase use of the site.

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