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Medical knowledge base for healthcare organizations

Provide better patient outcomes; Improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of your healthcare organization.

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Why is a knowledge base the need of the hour?

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We make sure your healthcare data is secure

Document360 is SOC2 and GDPR compliant ensuring critical healthcare data, stays secure.

Harness the power of Document360

Document360 makes it effortless for the Patients, agents, and professionals to adopt a knowledge base system.


For Patients

Improve patient experience & health outcomes with a self-service online knowledge base by providing information regarding drugs & medicines, tests, services, rehabilitation, etc.


For Healthcare workers

Support your healthcare workers with knowledge and learning assistance. Provide accurate safety and health information online to avoid mishaps.


For Entire Organization

Provide organizational controls by ensuring all standard operating procedures and safety information are accessible and being practiced.


Why healthcare organization’s choose Document360

Document360 makes it effortless for the Patients, agents, and professionals to adopt a knowledge base system.

Reduce support calls

Enable self-service for your patients and keep the call center queue under control. With the built-in AI search engine, you can provide the right information to patients to avoid any delays.

Improve patient experience

Improve patient satisfaction by providing relevant information 24/7 across the globe. The help information can be accessed across any device across the globe.

Organized information

Manage and organize large data across your organization using one platform. With category manager you can navigate via large chunks of information is made easy.

Easy deployment

Avoid dependency on the IT team to deploy your knowledge base. Document360 is easy to use and you can publish an article within minutes.

Secure and compliant

Document360 is SOC2 compliant & guarantees that your information is safe. Host your knowledge base on a private cloud server for regional compliance.

Advanced monitoring

Document360 provides in-depth analytics on knowledge base health, contributor performance, and user feedback to make data-driven decisions.

Integrate with your day-to-day tools

Integrate with your day-to-day IT and non-IT silos to build a single source of truth.