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About Network Ninja

Network Ninja is a SaaS (Software as a Service) product company with three products in their product portfolio. Their three products are Legal Server, Collaborate, and Main Event. Their products

  • Legal Aid product caters to civil legal aid agencies, public defenders etc,
  • Collaborate with product targets, non-profits, and social services agencies.
  • Main event product helps marketing agencies plan, execute, and evaluate their face-to-face campaigns

Network Ninja supports 1.2 million users and has more than 500 enterprise clients across their products.

Business Requirement

MainEvent’s training team was looking to create an online knowledge base where customers could access help 24×7 rather than send an email or raise a ticket and wait for a response. MainEvent earlier conducted one-on-one training sessions with every client’s management and staff and gave them a Word document with all the help they would require. But this document was custom prepared for every client, making it time-consuming.

The training team then tried setting up a knowledge base on Google Docs, but they faced certain issues with sharing access to each client’s staff and structuring the articles in a neat format.

Their main requirements of the knowledge management space were:

  • The customer should never have to leave MainEvent to access the help content, because it distracts the user.
  • Should have a mixed access feature allowing specific audiences to access content meant for them because while the management could see the entire knowledge base, the staff had to be given restricted access to specific content.

MainEvent’s training and documentation team briefly tried hosting their knowledge base on Zendesk, but they faced certain issues such as

  • Not being able to segment and arrange articles how you need to because it allows 2-3 categories.


When they were looking for an alternate, the MainEvent team evaluated various other options in the market, including Freshdesk, before choosing Document360. The following features enabled Document360 to solve all their pain points

  • Allows download and import of articles from Google Docs
  • The intuitive user interface made integrating Document360’s KB assistant as a widget into their system easy.
  • The customization options allowed their developers to change the layout, colour themes and icons to align with their corporate brand guidelines.
  • Allows images to be embedded into the article, which helps create step-by-step tutorials of various procedures.
  • The Document360 drive provides adequate storage for images, so the team faces no issues with space.
  • Provides contextual help via URL mapping, which allows the display of specific articles and categories depending on the page the user is visiting
  • Reader groups which can limit the content that specific groups of users can view

Alison Bovaird, Trainer and Documentation Specialist, Network Ninja says

Adopting Document360 has enabled us to handle customers with bigger issues better because emails and tickets with basic questions have almost stopped coming in.

Business Impact

MainEvent’s Training and Documentation team has received fewer customer support calls since installing the knowledge base assistant widget. Alison says basic questions like “how do I log in?” or “How can I reset my password” have lessened.

we can also guide customers to self-serve in the future by providing them a link to the document center, so they know where to find information.

The team says providing a link to the relevant information is much more efficient and saves time compared to their earlier practice of typing a step-by-step email on creating something in the system.

The rich metrics also provide them with information like

  • The different terms their users are searching for
  • Geographical locations from where users are looking for information.
  • Number of visitors to the KB assistant etc


Document360 has helped Main Event, a SaaS product, rapidly scale in terms of customers without expanding its training team even while supporting its customers 24×7. It also gives their training team valuable insights into the information their users are looking for and the popularity of certain articles so they can further improve their content.

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