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Intelligence meets information

Unlock the full potential of your knowledge base with Generative AI.

Intelligence meets information
Time Savings

Optimize content creation processes through intelligent recommendations.

Productivity Boost

Automate tasks and empower content creators to focus on high-value work.

Customer experience

Provide best customer experience for content discoverability and self-service.

Ask Eddy, anything

Provide accurate answers from your knowledge base through natural language interface.

  • Reduce customer support tickets.
  • Provide the best customer experience.
  • Encourage self-service of your content.
AI Assistant, Eddy

SEO Meta Description Generator

Generate relevant article meta description to position your article on top of the search engine results.

  • Helps with content discovery.
  • Enhance your search visibility.
  • Generate organic traffic to your site.
SEO Meta Description Generator

Related Article Recommendation

Suggests a few related articles that is relevant to the article content for maximizing self-service.

  • Create a best customer experience.
  • Improve content discoverability.
  • Enhance customers’ self-learning.
Related Article Recommendation

Article Tag Recommendation

Recommends article tags that helps with content organization and management

  • Helps with content findability.
  • Manage article at scale.
  • Assist with content categorization.
Article Tag Recommendation

Article Title Recommendation

Recommends a suitable article title based on the article content

  • Creates rich content experience.
  • Boost your content accessibility.
  • Maximize technical writers’ productivity.
Article Title Recommendation

Article Summarizer

Summarizes lengthy article contents in few sentences.

  • Increases content engagement.
  • Improves customer experience.
  • Accelerate the assimilation of information.
Article Summarizer

Eddy Search Analytics

Monitor, visualize and track user queries and feedback.

  • Track successful and unsuccessful searches.
  • Use feedback data to refine and optimize your knowledge base.
  • Understanding user behavior to enhance customer support.
Eddy Search Analytics

Automated Business Glossary

Create a comprehensive collection of business terms used throughout the organization.

  • Provide a foundation for standardized terminology, ensuring reliable & accurate meaning.
  • Provide clear definitions & explanations for ambiguous terms.
  • Improve clarity & reduces misunderstandings.
Automated Business glossary

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