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About Better Life Partners

Better Life Partners is on a mission to help any underserved individual achieve a healthier life filled with belonging, love, and purpose. The organization accomplishes this by providing integrated medical and mental health care for individuals living with substance use disorders. Members are offered medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with medications for opioid use disorder (MOUD) like Suboxone or medications for alcohol use disorder, alongside supportive group counseling. Better Life Partners services are data-driven and team-based, led by medical providers, counselors, coaches, and support staff.

Guided by a philosophy of harm-reduction, Better Life Partners works to create options for their members, not consequences. One key component of this approach is building partnerships where members live and work. By partnering with local community organizations, Better Life Partners is able to expand their service offering to members, which breaks down barriers and provides each individual with the care they need directly in their community.

The business needs

Better Life Partners treats thousands of members to support their whole-person health. It is critical that the procedures staff members must follow to care for their patients are easy to find and can be continuously updated, as they refine their care model and add services. Additionally, version control of these documents must be tracked, and permissions managed effectively.

The organization relied on Google Drive for their everyday documents; however, Google Drive was less effective for the management of their Policies and Procedures. The major gaps in their business needs included:

  • Publishing documents company-wide, while tracking past versions and update procedures instantaneously, as services grew.
  • Searching and finding relevant articles instantly.
  • Integrating into their proprietary EHR (electronic health record) system.

Challenges faced

For an organization, it is challenging to manage policies and procedures in Google Drive. Here are a couple of reasons why it is challenging:

  • It is difficult to distinguish between the draft, review, and publishing phases of policy and procedure management.
  • Google Drive doesn’t have a built in Table of Contents or other browsing functionality that makes finding needed articles difficult.
  • Monitoring permissions for each article is also a time-consuming activity.

How Document360 helped to solve the problem

Better Life Partners found Document360 as their right tool, mainly because it meets all their needs. Emily-Rose, who is a Product Manager at Better Life Partners, mentioned that with Document360, she is able to publish articles, share them with team members and update them as needed. It is also easy to export the articles to PDF and print them whenever there is a need.

Integration: Their documentation is private to members of the staff and everything inside their Documentation is confidential. Emily-Rose says that they have integrated Document360 with their proprietary EHR software. Integration via API is one of the key features of Document360; one of the main reasons why Better Life Partners integrated Document360 is that not all the members who work with them are their full-time employees. The company has contractors who need access to articles in the documentation. Having said that, their Document360 knowledge base is not public and so they are leveraging Documber360’s API in order to make it easier for the contractors of Better Life Partners to access their documentation.

So, this integration of Document360 with their EHR software helps the contractors view the documentation directly and perform their day-to-day job responsibilities on patient care from the system. It helps them quickly view the relevant articles in the documentation based on the requirements.

Better Life Partners plans to do review and housekeeping of articles on a recurring basis, with a formal review period taking place at least once a year.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we learned about the feature of setting article review reminders and I’m so excited to apply that feature in Document360.

Search feature

‘The search function helped us to a great extent’, says Emily-Rose. This is because they have many articles in their documentation and it is not easy to find the article that they look for, but with the help of a search bar, it takes just a matter of seconds to find the article. Emily-Rose adds that they train all their Document360 users to use the search function, which is easier and not time-consuming.

Business impact

  • Staff members feel better informed of policies and procedures when they are housed in a centralized place and are always kept up to date.
  • Better Life Partners was able to export all its policies and procedures for easy review by external parties, such as accreditors.
  • Integration has saved so much of their work time. They integrated Document360 with their internal software (which is their proprietary software as mentioned above) that helps the employees in finding the right articles instantly when they are in a call with the customer or doing a task that needs to be gathering information.
  • Organising the articles: Document360 has helped them organise dozens of articles while monitoring when they were published and revised

Closing line

Document360 is the best fit for Better Life Partners by saving a lot of time, making the tasks easier, and organizing the articles more effectively.