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About Sophi

Sophi is an Artificial Intelligence-based automation and prediction engine. It helps news publishers identify their most valuable content and understand which content to keep behind a paywall to maximize subscription revenue without sacrificing advertising revenue. This helps modern publishers make vital strategic decisions to transform their business. Sophi also automates a range of other functions right from content curation to first party data activation.

Business Requirement

Sophi was first developed by a news agency for its internal usage. However, its popularity and success prompted them to consider commercializing the product and offering it to other organizations too. Sophi’s team was looking for a knowledge management tool to host implementation and resource guides, so their customers’ engineering teams could access it.

The product engineering team initially hosted all their documentation, including technical guides, product overviews and API documentation on Microsoft Word documents. However, they faced multiple challenges like

  • Not being able to give an adequate number of people access to edit the Word documents
  • Difficulty in using the versioning feature, tracking changes made, and the person who made the changes
  • There was also no way to do an overall search through the documentation. Users had to search for information through multiple individual documents until they found what they were looking for

To provide their customers with a better user experience, Sophi’s product management team began looking for an online knowledge management tool to centralize all their documentation regarding the product. They also wanted a tool to help organize and standardize their workflow better, ensure that content could be peer-reviewed before publishing, and facilitate seamless updating of information.


After evaluating several knowledge base tools, the Sophi team zeroed in on Document360. The following features of Document360 made it a suitable fit.

  • The easy-to-use interface ensured that engineers, product managers and users could easily access documentation and navigate information.
  • The Find and Replace option allows authors to change any words in the glossary, replacing the wrong term across articles. Earlier, the team had to go to each document and replace the incorrect word in each place.
  • The workflow feature helped the team designate people who could be administrators, and engineers who could contribute to the content and ensure that the content is published only once the support team peer reviews it.
  • The mixed access feature allows Sophi to cordon certain sections of the knowledge base and articles only for internal viewing and prevent it from being seen on the public site.
  • Article tags or keywords make articles more easily searchable for contributors and users
  • Using the no index SEO feature to control the narrative by ensuring that certain information or pages don’t pop up during a google search with certain keywords

Business Transformation

Vijayakumar J, Manager of Product Management, at Sophi, says there has been a lot of qualitative impact on the team and product after adopting Document360.

Document360 has helped us achieve much operational efficiency simply because people know where to find specific information or document,

The Sophi team says that Document360 has become a centralized repository of all resource guides regarding the product; thus, people know that if any document needs to be updated, they need to go to Document360. They say it has removed much redundancy in their workflow because people don’t have to ask each other questions and any updates and publishing happens faster.

Document360 has also improved our customer success because customers find it easier and are more impressed when you present your documentation in a structured manner


Adopting Document360 helped the Sophi team create a centralized repository of all information regarding the software, which has led to operational efficiency, cohesive workflow and most importantly improved customer success.

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