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About AWR360

Adventist World Radio (AWR) is a worldwide network of radio stations that broadcast messages of hope. They also broadcast programs on Christianity, health, and educational programs for the improvement of the community at large. They also have a platform where listeners from across the world could message or call in with questions about the BIBLE or the programs they broadcast through social media channels, like Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook.

Business Need

Adventist World Radio has a centre for digital evangelism, where they have a team of 25 volunteers dedicated to answering the questions that come from listeners on social media. However, with 25 volunteers not being sufficient, they have a set of part-time volunteers from across the world. So AWR needed a knowledge base through which they could share resources with their volunteers on how to answer questions better.

The resources include guidelines on general communication, Dos and Don’ts, templates and helpful information on what they can offer to listeners, and strong background information. This helps even part-time volunteers answer questions effectively.

Earlier AWR was using other knowledge base platforms to publish their information, but they faced certain challenges

  • The platforms were not allowing them to host content in different languages, so volunteers from certain parts of the world could not use the content
  • The platforms were not getting fully integrated with their in-house app which volunteers could access on their mobile phones
  • User interface was not intuitive, so their content team required more training to use the platforms.


Adventist World Radio has chosen Document360 after evaluating multiple other tools in the market. Document360 provided these features to meet its business requirements.

  • Features to browse and host content in multiple languages
  • Intuitive interface to create and consume content
  • Easy translation of articles into multiple languages
  • Seamless API integration with their native business applications
  • A single sign-on authentication system offering security
  • Mixed access facilities, which allowed them to make their knowledge base a mix of public and private access
  • Document 360’s workflow feature helps AWR manage their peer review process so their core team can write content, edit the drafts, and have it reviewed and published.

Talking about their experience with Document360, Tobias Kazmierczak, Manager for Center for Digital Evangelism (CDE) said the process of transitioning from their older tool to the new, was extremely smooth. The content team found themselves enjoying working with it.

Fact, Document360 integrates with their native app seamlessly, allows them to update their articles once every fortnight, and the changes reflect perfectly in the app. This is despite volunteers sometimes opening and using the app in areas where network coverage is irregular or poor.

Tobias says,

Document360 is a tool that really listens to its customers. It has the features that a growing documentation or knowledge base would require. The customer response team is also excellent

Business Impact

Tobias says that it has saved the Digital Evangelism team the time, expenses, and effort of developing features they needed as their business needs grow. “We now can suggest features we need to the Document360 customer support team. And they sometimes incorporate them or give us other options,” he says. It has also helped them consider giving viewers also a role in the documentation process, because of the tool’s mixed access option.

It has also widened AWR’s reach in terms of volunteers and the extent of listener support that it can provide. The analytics has also helped the digital team understand how the knowledge base is used.

  • Most searched terms
  • SEO of their articles
  • Articles that are read through most often by volunteers

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