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About Abrigo

Abrigo provides compliance, credit risk, and lending solutions that enable their customers to manage risk and drive growth. Their customers primarily involve financial institutions like banks and credit unions. The Abrigo platform includes anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection software that helps financial institutions detect money laundering and fraudulent transactions and prevent losses. The software also assists in anti-terrorism initiatives. The Texas-based software company has nearly 2,500 customers across the world.

Business Requirement

Abrigo’s financial crimes team needed to establish an online knowledge base of all their user manuals for their customer-facing documentation. The documentation included multiple user manuals on accessing and setting the software, software prerequisites for an upgrade or installation, and troubleshooting issues.

Abrigo initially created hard copies of their user manuals and later used HTML Framemaker to create PDFs that customers could download from the website. However, with Abrigo having almost 30 different manuals, they faced multiple issues, such as

  • The PDF documents, which ran to 600-700 pages, became too bulky for customers to have in hand.
  • It was harder for customers to find the right information quickly.
  • It was extremely complicated to make changes because the updated PDFs had to be either sent to customers or customers would have to come onto the website and download the new PDFs.
  • Since the files were large, customers sometimes found them difficult to download if internet speeds or bandwidth were low.
  • The documentation team also had no metrics or feedback to know how their customers received, appreciated, or used the information.


Abrigo evaluated several knowledge management platforms in the market before setting up their online knowledge base on Document360. The following features in Document360 made it a suitable choice for them.

  • The rich analytics provided by Document360 gave Abrigo insights on their readership increasing, most read articles, and latest trends in terms of frequently searched keywords which guides them on revising and updating their knowledge base continually.
  • Feedback manager helps them understand how customers receive and appreciate their content, helping them improve.
  • The categories tab on the left (category manager) enhances the process of authoring and organizing new articles efficiently.
  • The workflow feature allows the authoring of articles, making edits, adding images & videos, and preparing them for publishing on specific dates.
  • The intuitive user interface made using the platform extremely easy for both authors and customers.
  • Every time an article or section has been updated, they get tagged. So, when a customer logs into the knowledge base, they can instantly see what has been updated and check it out if it concerns them.
  • Allows import of large graphics, which is used for a lot of their step-by-step procedures.
  • Permits embedding of almost unlimited images and training videos that are used for their tutorials.
  • WISTIA video import function makes the process of embedding videos quick and seamless.
  • Homepage builder helped them customize their home page according to brand guidelines and their requirements.

Ben Anderson, Senior Technical Writer at Abrigo says

We have been very impressed with the functionality of Document360 as a platform and the responsiveness of the customer success team on any improvements we would like to see.

Business Transformation

Ben Anderson says that after they set up their online knowledge base on Document360, their readership over two years has increased by 30%. The analytics, which show the increase in readership in terms of charts, also becomes a document that can be presented to management to show the use and impact of their documentation.

The customer feedback, in terms of comments, likes, and dislikes, has also been an eye-opener in their implementation of the training program and changing the design of their platform.

Ben says, “Now internal support teams too have begun using the knowledge base. They just copy the URL to the relevant information in the documentation and send it to customers”. The advanced AI-powered search capabilities and individual categories allow the support team to pinpoint that specific question in the guide to send it to the customer.

Abrigo believes that this helps educate customers on how to self-serve. They have also embedded a link to their product guide within their app, so customers can simply click on it and search for any information they require.


Document360’s easy-to-use functionality and robust features provide a rich authoring experience and insights into customers’ requirements and feedback. The whole platform looks attractive to customers, enticing them to use it more, making it a perfect fit for their requirements.

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