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About Arlington/Roe

Arlington/Roe is a managing general agency and wholesale insurance broker operating throughout the Midwest of the United States. Located in Indianapolis, their staff consists of underwriters, insurance brokers, and risk managers. They offer insurance services to multiple specialties, including Personal lines, Commercial property and Liability (Underwriting and Brokerage), Commercial Auto/Transportation, Aviation, Bonds, Professional Liability, Workers’ Compensation, and Healthcare.

Business Requirement

Arlington Roe had created user documentation for their policy management software and many other I.T. tools. The end users for the private documentation were their internal staff, including brokers and underwriters. Arlington/Roe initially created their documentation on Microsoft Word documents and hosted it on SharePoint. However, it posed a lot of challenges such as

  • The documentation looked disorganized.
  • The search function did not meet their requirements.
  • Many documents were outdated because regularly tracking old documents and updating them was cumbersome.

These issues prompted Arlington Roe to look for a platform to create an online knowledge base where articles were searchable, highly organized, and up-to-date.


After evaluating various software tools, including HubSpot, WordPress, another solution within SharePoint, and Bamboo Solutions, they finally zeroed in on Document360. The following features made Document360 a perfect fit for Arlington Roe.

  • The homepage builder gave them the option to brand it in a way that looks like Arlington Roe’s internal website. It made it easy for them to slide it into the company’s intranet.
  • The homepage was also extremely customizable, with CSS and JavaScript options within the portal.
  • The intuitive user interface makes it easy for the IT team to create documentation and for end users to navigate the site.
  • WYSIWYG editor is straightforward to use to key in articles, edit texts and make any changes.
  • Table of Contents feature helps users jump and find the exact information they want.
  • Document360’s Google Chrome extension helps them access their web-based software, called ALIS (All Lines Insurance Suite)
  • Allows clicking of snapshots of the software being used and putting them into articles, which is an alternate way to show instructions.
  • It is easy to name and categorize an article, publishing it under one category or under multiple categories.
  • Review reminder options helps them ensure popular articles are regularly reviewed and updated, so information is never outdated.
  • The different reader groups feature helps them ensure that their staff only accesses information that they are meant to or applies to them.
  • Version history helps them look at changes made, compare two versions side by side and correct any mistakes made.
  • The workflow feature ensures all articles are keyed in directly but peer-reviewed before they are published.

Jarren Keck, Software Systems Specialist at Arlington Roe says they upload articles into their knowledge base several times a week, because there are always new issues that need to be addressed or updates on the software.

Document360 helped our online knowledge base look like a clean, simple website with a search function and articles, with photographs and links

Business Impact

The online knowledge base has provided Arlington Roe’s IT staff a resource that they can provide to end users. Jarren says their IT department now can handle many telephone and email queries by just sending a link to the article in the knowledge base.

Document360’s integration with Microsoft Teams, which we use for internal communications, helps us reduce the time we spend on solving the issue and gives our end users the support and resources to solve issues independently. All we need to do is send a link or URL

The rich metrics that Document360 provides also help Arlington Roe understand terms their end users search for, the number of users using the knowledge management tool and geographic locations from where they log in.

Document360 is a great vendor and solution for us in providing an internal knowledge base empowering our end users to self-help


After adopting Document360, Arlington/ Roe, which has knowledge base users from various verticals across the United States, Canada, and India, has found a way to help them seamlessly use their I.T. software. Their users have begun referring to the knowledge base more often after realizing that the information is up to date, easy to use and navigate, and makes their job more efficient.

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