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AI in Knowledge Management: Overview, Key Features, and Top Tools

Category: Knowledge Management

Last updated on Mar 12, 2024

The rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in recent years has left almost no business area untouched. That includes the field of knowledge management. AI massively accelerates knowledge management by improving content creation, content management, and content discovery in many ways.

AI-powered customer self-service is already being used by some top brands.  63% of businesses say customer experience is improved by AI in self-service. Interactive knowledge bases are used by more than half of businesses globally. Thus, AI in knowledge management is an important area for innovation. It is already an automated form of customer service. Implementing AI algorithms to level up your customer service has the potential to revolutionize this area.

Knowledge management is the active storage and retrieval of information within the organization. Businesses are already utterly dependent on technology to automate much of this process, in which AI is now playing an increasingly crucial role.

The Role of AI in Knowledge Management

We’re already very used to having AI assist us in creating content due to tools like automatic spell and grammar checkers. Well, now AI can go much further in actually helping us draft, refine, and edit our content. So, on the content side, you can create technical documentation much faster, with much more relevance, and review and update much more easily.

With the support of AI, the knowledge base also becomes a much more powerful resource. AI helps your users discover content, makes personalized recommendations, and provides instant answers. Your knowledge base goes from static to dynamic and from passive to interactive. It overcomes siloes in knowledge management by unifying different sources of information.

You can also use AI for knowledge base admin, making it much easier to manage your system. AI can flag your content for review, identify gaps in your knowledge, and give insights into knowledge base performance. Since AI is particularly good at dealing with information and generating answers, knowledge management is currently being revolutionized by this technology.

How AI is Used in Knowledge Management

AI is used in a particular way in knowledge management to benefit both users and authors. Now let’s look at how AI is changing the realm of Knowledge Management.

To Simplify Knowledge Discovery with AI-powered Search

Search is becoming increasingly important in the knowledge base as customers become used to the sophistication of Google. You can’t afford to lag in search, so using AI, which is highly sensitive to context and keywords, provides much better answers for customers.

To Revolutionize Self-service with Personalized Assistance

An AI chatbot can circumvent the taxonomy of your knowledge to provide customers with highly personalized service. Customers can access the self-service answers they crave and recommending related articles circumvents the need to have an agent helping customers.

To Respond Quickly

AI knowledge bases can integrate with ticketing systems to recommend articles to common customer questions automatically. Customers browsing a website can be served content that helps them even before they have questions. Customers can ask bots questions and be instantly served an answer, even if they don’t use the right keywords.

Here is an example of an email template created in the Document360 KB site using Eddy, the AI assistant, to respond quickly to the customer’s email.

Knowledge base ai creating mail

To Aid Technical Writers in Content Creation

By incorporating generative AI into the creation of content, you can significantly speed up the role of technical writers. You can improve their productivity with automated prompts from the software, use AI article writers to create content structure and tweak the content, suggest titles to choose, automatic summaries, and suggest related articles. Semantic rules allow authors to improve content readability and optimize for search. AI can also control the business glossary terms that technical writers employ in content, ensuring consistency.

To Amplify Onboarding and Training

AI-strengthened systems can amplify the onboarding and training process when it comes to knowledge management. You can personalize content based on what employees have been reading and suggest further resources. For example, AI could recommend taking a course based on which particular resources the employee has been consuming.

Key Features in AI Knowledge Management Software

The latest developments in AI knowledge management software follow several key trends.

Personalized User Experience

By dynamically serving content and using the database to anticipate user needs, AI knowledge bases can offer a far more personalized user experience. Users aren’t required to know everything about your knowledge base to take advantage of the information contained within it. The AI knowledge base offers content recommendations, related articles, chatbots suggesting answers, and more.

Enhanced Search and Retrieval

Search and retrieval are key user processes during knowledge management. Being required to dig deep through the knowledge base hierarchy is a waste of time when AI can perform this function for you.

Automation of Repetitive Content Development

If you need to create content that is highly repetitive with only slight differences, you can use AI to automate this process. This saves you large amounts of time and also reduces the chance of error when duplicating your content.

Article Outline Creation

One of the big benefits of generative AI is creating article outlines automatically that you can trust will be highly relevant to users. Ask AI to generate heading ideas for you to fill in later with technical information for your users.

See how Document360’s AI writer, writing with Eddy can be a co-pilot for writing the content.

AI writer in knowledge management

Content Review Process

AI can review your content for grammatical errors, typos, and content flow for a polished final product. You can ask AI to change the tone of your content to fit a predetermined guideline, refine it for SEO, or simplify the language. AI upgrades your content and makes it better.

Article Title Creation

AI can create titles for you that are perfectly optimized for search engines and match likely keywords when users look for them in the knowledge base.Creating article titles can be tedious, but it’s much easier when you use AI to help you.

See how you can generate AI titles for your articles in Document360.

ai title recommender in knowledge base

SEO Meta Description

Similar to the article title, AI will help you create meta descriptions optimized for SEO. This helps your content get indexed by search engines and increases the chance the users will find it.

Create SEO Meta description using Document360’s SEO description generator

ai title recommender in knowledge base

Automated Tag Generation

Generate tags with AI for every article you write without having to manually add them yourself. This improves the relevance of your articles in search as users input their own keywords to find articles and helps group related articles together.

AI tag recommender in Knowledge base

Recommend Related Articles

AI can recommend related articles for users to improve the content discovery experience, meaning customers can learn more without putting in much effort. These related articles can help customers discover more about your products or organization, enriching the content experience.

Here is a screenshot of an AI-related article recommender in Document360’s KB site

AI-related article recommender

Advanced and Predictive Analytics

Analytics fused with AI allows you to obtain greater insights about your knowledge base and also predict gaps in the content that you can fill with new articles. You can generate better reports and predict and anticipate trends without too much effort.

Content Summarization

Sometimes, users don’t need to read the whole length of an article. The good news is that AI can quickly generate a summary for you that accurately conveys the meaning of the article in fewer words.

Here is a sample of how an AI Article summarizer will appear in your doc using Document360.

AI Article summariser in Knowledge base

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How AI Knowledge Management Outperforms Traditional Knowledge Management

Traditional knowledge management relies on humans manually performing tasks, such as users or agents having to go through extensive documentation to find information, write extended content, and more. AI can assist the knowledge management process at every point. It can automate many tasks that technical writers or support agents might find tedious and time-consuming. Customers have come to expect a certain level of automation. Even AI must now be incorporated into the support process.

AI outperforms traditional knowledge management by recovering time that would otherwise be spent on these manual processes. It makes your content work harder. It automatically flags content gaps that you can then fill with the help of AI.

Best AI-powered Knowledge Management Software

There are a few top options available when it comes to AI-powered knowledge management software for your business.


Document360 for knowledge managment

First, consider Document360. Document360 2.0 has been released with a fundamental redesign with AI at its core. Our editor enables you to create content with better titles, SEO meta descriptions, and tags, including terms from the business glossary and more.

On the user side, AI saves the day again. Assistive search means customers can more easily discover the content that solves their problems. The knowledge base is interactive and dynamic since Eddy, our AI assistant, answers questions through natural language processing.

AI makes self-service as satisfying as human service. It accelerates the creation of new content, identifies opportunities, and also allows customers to find answers faster. Eliminating gaps between these points in this process makes Document360 your best friend in improving customer support and knowledge management.



Ayanza is geared towards allowing you to create “knowledge hubs” with the goal of increasing team collaboration. This collaboration is based on content created by AI, templates for social media calendars, and publishing popular answers to the web.

AI can generate the ideas you need to move projects forward and produce better internal documentation. If you find the writing process tedious, Ayanza supports you to create content more quickly based on prompts you input. With Ayanza, you can get outlines and quickly gather research on any topic.

Documentation is an essential part of project management. It allows you to share knowledge more effectively with your team, and AI makes this process faster in Ayanza. You can get started with Ayanza for free and pay for premium options.


click up

ClickUp is powerful knowledge management software that incorporates AI into its many comprehensive features. For example, ClickUp’s AI can generate tasks based on a project plan automatically. You can summarize a thread and even reply to a comment with AI. AI helps you write faster and improves efficiency.

Teams can bring all their knowledge management tasks together in one place with ClickUp. With docs, whiteboards, chat, time tracking, and more, everything you need to complete a project is included within ClickUp.

By including your knowledge management with your projects, you can make far more use of Artificial Intelligence in this tool. It’s easier to push tasks forward. ClickUp is your right-hand man for storing and sharing knowledge with a team, supported by AI.



Capacity is an AI-powered knowledge base that allows you to generate multiple answers to inquiries from a customer. The idea is to reclaim time that agents would otherwise be spending on helping customers. Capacity focuses on knowledge, including tacit knowledge, which means the ability to store less concrete forms of learning.

When users search the knowledge base, Capacity automatically generates multiple options to help them find the right answers. The system is visual, drag-and-drop, and intuitive. Capacity verifies the right answer, even in the case of multiple entries. Machine learning gradually improves over time, so your knowledge becomes more accurate.

Capacity’s AI chatbot is the window to your knowledge base. It’s accessible to customers and employees. Integrations with other tools, such as Capacity’s help desk and CRM, allow you to accelerate productivity,



Knowmax excels at combining knowledge with AI. Generative AI helps agents on the document side, while also supporting customers searching the knowledge base. AI makes your knowledge base dynamic and interactive. It has the ability to transform and format answers according to precise instructions.

Knowmax is your pathway towards a single source of truth that overrides formerly siloed sources of knowledge. Knowmax comes equipped with cognitive decision trees, which allow you to deliver personalized resolutions integrated with your CRM. Complex SOPs can become interactive workflows.

Simulate visual guides with Knowmax. Increase the chances of success by helping customers navigate through any device, portal, or appliance. Support agents with all levels of experience can use these guides. Knowmax has a large repository of guides that you can use to create new ones.

Wrapping Up

AI is currently transforming the world of knowledge management. This is especially the case when it comes to knowledge management tools. Document360 is already ahead of the curve in incorporating AI into its system to augment the process of creating and finding content. Eliminating highly repetitive and time-consuming tasks is one of the key goals of AI in knowledge management.

Many knowledge management solutions now incorporate AI so this will soon become the norm in the field. Creating better experiences for both employees and customers is an important part of knowledge management. AI can definitely help you with this goal, keep costs lower, and improve employee morale.

An intuitive AI knowledge management tool to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can generative AI help with knowledge management?

    Generative AI helps with knowledge management through helping writers author content in a number of ways. Eliminate research time, produce fast outlines, optimize for titles, tags and meta descriptions, to produce content that ticks every box.

  • With knowledge base admin, AI steps in to provide insight through analytics that tell you how content is performing, shares the productivity of your authors, and more.

  • AI helps the content creator by eliminating mundane, manual tasks and unleashing creativity. AI can research, produce outlines, summaries, and more. The content creator can focus on accuracy and readability.


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