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Danielle Vansia

Senior Technical Writer

Technical writers can enhance their team’s collaborative writing strategy by understanding peer reviews and using helpful feedback strategies. This can lead to quality documentation and stronger teams.

In this session, Danielle Vansia will explore the concept of collaborative writing on technical teams, with specific focus on developing an effective peer review process.

She will also share ideas on how to initiate the process of incorporating reviews into docs-as-code workflow with a documentation team.

About the Speaker

Danielle Vansia is a Senior Technical Writer with experience in the edtech, healthcare, and fintech sectors. She started her career in higher education, where she developed an appreciation for good process documentation. She got involved in a few open-source projects and used this knowledge to make a full transition to technical writing. She currently works for Vantage, a fintech company, where she focuses on developing product documentation and technical marketing content. Danielle is passionate about helping others develop their technical skills and become better writers.