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Knowledge management software for all law firms

Create a centralized library of legal research materials, including statutes, regulations, and scholarly articles.

Knowledge management software works for all law firms

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AI Search

Ask Eddy features allow users to experience Gen AI response and locate documents, case laws, and other critical information using keywords, tags, and metadata.

AI Search

Restricted User Access

Restrict public access to the information. Only invited members can gain access to the knowledge base.

Centralized Repository
Category Manager

Category Manager

Supports nested categories, enabling a multi-level of organizing file for better navigation. Use tags for users to filter and sort documents effectively.

Benefits of Legal Knowledge base

Case Law Repository

Maintain a comprehensive, easily searchable database of case law precedents and legal opinions.

Legal Research Library

Ensure your team has access to the latest legal resources and research tools.

Document Management

Tracks document revisions and updates, ensuring that all users are working with the most current version of a document and providing a history of changes.

Client Communication

Maintain a repository of client communication templates and standard operating procedures.

Internal Collaboration

Create a collaborative environment where knowledge is easily shared and utilized.

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Security & Compliance

Secure & Compliant

Document360’s robust security system ensures that your data is secure from any cybersecurity threats.



We are GDPR compliant and have implemented the best security measures to protect your data.



The SOC2 certification is a testament to our commitment to your data security and privacy.

Data Protection

Data Protection

We adhere to stringent data security practices to keep you safe from any cybersecurity threats.

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