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knowledge base

Create a customer self-service knowledge base to increase your customer satisfaction. Suitable for hosting FAQ pages, user manuals, and product documentation.

Customer knowledge base

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Benefits of customer knowledge base

Building a customer knowledge is easy with Document360. Create a self-service knowledge base to empower your customers and serve them 24/7.

Enable customer-self service

Enable your customer to solve issues on their own using self-service.

Use as a marketing channel

Use your customer knowledge base as a marketing channel to drive organic traffic.

Improve customer satisfaction

Serve your customers with care and offer a concierge experience.

Reduce support cost

Reduce the workload of your customer support agents.

Offer 24/7 support

Offer customer support anytime, on any device, anywhere catering to their needs.

Reduce customer wait times

Deflect customer support calls and tickets as customers get quick responses.

FAQ pages

  • Build a custom FAQ page to match your brand.
  • Enable smart search for instant answers to your queries.
  • Deflect frequently asked customer support tickets.
  • Enable customers to acquire knowledge through self-service.
FAQ pages

Product documentation

  • Provide digital access to your product documentation.
  • Publish interactive and engaging product feature documentation.
  • Publish concise product release notes.
  • Optimize your documentation to rank on top of search engine result pages.
Product documentation

User manuals

  • Create How-to guides to troubleshoot an issue.
  • Build step-by-step user instruction manuals.
  • Provide detailed product information.
  • Embed interactive visuals for better understanding.
Product documentation

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