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The SaaS knowledge base software built for SaaS companies

Instantly create an online Self-Service SaaS Knowledge Base for your Products and Customers (accessed publicly or privately).

The SaaS Knowledge base software built for SaaS companies

Trusted by global brands

  • McDonald's
  • vmware
  • Virgin Red
  • Access
  • Ticketmaster
  • Daikin
  • BVB
  • NHS
  • Insider
  • Whatfix
  • Payoneer
  • Cascade
  • Panaya

Scale your customer service without increasing support cost

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Why do SaaS companies rely on a knowledge base?

Leverage the power of the Knowledge base platform to skyrocket your customer experience!

  • Huge reduction in support tickets saving employee time.
  • Retrieve search queries & FAQs anywhere anytime.
  • Less time spent on searching for ‘how-to’.
  • Secure knowledge base for customer onboarding.
  • Single source of knowledge base for collaborated remote working.
Why SaaS companies rely on Knowledge base

Knowledge base assistance

Search for helpful articles right within your web page, end-users can search and read your knowledge base immediately.

Private knowledge base

Restrict public access to the information. Only invited members can gain access to the knowledge base.


Connect Document360 with the tools you already use to have all your team’s work in one place.

Reduce churn

Customers look upon you as the primary source of information. Create a self-service experience portal to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Reducing friction in looking for help.
  • No installation- access anytime anywhere.
  • Avoid queueing at the help desk.

Replace old silos of knowledge management with a centralized SaaS Knowledge base.

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Reduce churn

Roles and permissions

Allows you to grant access and set permission rules for different roles: read, write, edit, publish, etc.


Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication method that enables users to access multiple projects with one login credentials.


Keeps your online knowledge base secure by using end-to-end encryption with its cloud storage partner.