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In-App help

Assist your customers right within your SaaS application. Our knowledge base widget helps customers access context-specific help or search for their queries related to the product without visiting your knowledge base.

In-App Help

“Document360’s KB widget is available on every page of our application. The widget provides documentation relevant to the page the customer is viewing, making it seamless experience to get contextual help.”

Mary Shalin | Senior Technical Writer

Interactive AI search

With Ask Eddy, our interactive AI search assistant, you customers can get faster answers to to their queries.

Private knowledge base

Restrict public access to your documentation. Have complete control on the visibility with advanced user management.

Versioning & Rollback


Connect Document360 with your tools use to boost productivity and provide fast assistance to customers.


Customize your knowledge base to reflect your brand identity, with features such as customizable themes, branding elements, content layouts, footer and more.


Provide help to your customers and teams in the native language with article translation.


Our multi-fold model of security architecture ensure that your knowledge base is secure.

Benefits your Knowledge Base with Document360

Efficient Onboarding

Provide structured onboarding by helping new users quickly familiarize themselves with your software.


As software evolves, easily scale your SaaS documentation to accommodate new product updates and features.

Ticket Resolution Time

Empower support agents with access to relevant information leading to swift response to queries.

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