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AI Knowledge Base: Why Does Your Organization Need One?

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Last updated on Feb 20, 2024

You’ve likely heard how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is impacting business and many other facets of life and society. The customer service arena is no different, which is why AI knowledge bases are on the rise and being utilized by customer support departments to better help customers with self-service.

Since knowledge bases deal with information, they are prime candidates for the application of AI. Any change that can make the consumption of knowledge base information by customers dynamic rather than static vastly improves the customer experience. It creates much more effective interactions that put customers in touch with the information they need.

The AI market is set to grow by 33% in 2024 which means that AI knowledge bases will become even more in demand than they are now. That’s one of the reasons why we have overhauled Document360 to fully incorporate AI – to meet customer demand and revolutionize the knowledge base space.

AI Knowledge Base: What is it?

An AI knowledge base is simply one that has been transformed with AI to create dynamic customer experiences. It increases the likelihood that customers find the right answers without human intervention. AI knowledge bases improve their offerings over time by learning from past interactions and delivering more rewarding experiences.

AI-powered customer support is essential for holistic customer experience, enabling the business to control costs while reinvesting budget back into the customer. When AI automates menial tasks associated with content creation and user experience of the knowledge base, humans are free to do what they do best.

AI in a knowledge base can be all about generating the content or it can be about finding the content. It makes creating and consuming content much easier by eliminating much of the manual work.

Why is an AI knowledge base necessary?

AI knowledge bases are at the forefront of excellent customer service. In an increasingly competitive landscape, customers expect more and more from your business. If you don’t use the latest technological developments, such as machine learning to enhance your customer service through self-service support, your business will fall behind.

Traditional Knowledge bases have been helpful, but it’s time to evolve. Generative AI, along with traditional knowledge bases, makes the difference. It empowers content creators to create better content, knowledge base admins to manage the site better, and understand user intentions to provide exceptional customer experience.

With AI you can take your self-service content to a whole new level by constantly updating and seeking new ways to fulfill business needs. If you are still using the traditional knowledge base rather than AI, you are losing out on critical business advantages. We are entering the new world of AI-powered knowledge base software is becoming a crucial part of every business.

Benefits of an AI Knowledge Base

Applying the intelligence of an AI knowledge base is crucial for improving your content and customer service efforts. Here are the top benefits of a knowledge base

Improved Customer Experience

Customers accessing information with the support of AI will have a better experience because AI liberates human customer support agents from the responsibility of dealing with repetitive queries. When a customer issue requires more attention, sensitivity, and understanding, agents have more time to devote to customers in need.

Quick Response Time

Either through speeding up access to the knowledge base, facilitating chatbots, or suggesting answers to agents helping customers, AI knowledge bases can significantly speed up response time. When customers don’t have to wait for answers, they are more satisfied with your service and are less likely to look for alternatives from your competitors. They know that you value their business and reward you with loyalty.

Simplifies Knowledge Discovery

Knowledge is easier to find when you use AI to discover it. Instead of referring to many articles, AI can accurately answer what customers are searching for. If customers view a particular article, they can discover tangentially related content and improve their ability to learn without being taught.

Boosts the Content Creation Capabilities

Content can be created by your authors faster and easily with the help of AI in the knowledge base. AI can recommend the title to choose and generate the meta descriptions for articles and category pages effortlessly. For example, Natural Language Processing to learn from content on the knowledge base to auto-suggest words in a sentence and learn proactively for next time if the user rejects the suggestion.

Accelerated Onboarding and Job Training

New hires onboarded into the customer support team can be trained with the help of AI. AI resources are readily available for employees who need training and enhance their skills. When you onboard them onto the knowledge base, they can begin creating effective content much more quickly.

Key Components of an AI knowledge base

An AI Knowledge base has some specific features that support knowledge base admin and content creators to save a lot of time and effort and improve the overall user experience. Here is a list that you should look out for when purchasing the tool.

Content Creators

Content creators’ creativity is limitless. AI-powered knowledge bases can empower their cognitive power with

For Article writers

Content creators require Generative AI features to help them create comprehensive content. It helps them with content structure and gives consistency in tone.

Article Title Recommendation


Solid article titles improve readability and findability so that users know what your articles are about and can find the answers they need. Generative AI recommends article titles that would be most suitable.

Article tag recommender


Organizing and tagging are key to making the article findable by the users. Article tag recommender helps the knowledge base admin to quickly add tags and organize content at scale.

Meta Description Generator


AI can generate meta descriptions for your articles helps with SEO indexing and general accessibility of the knowledge base. Being able to tell users what your articles are about is an essential part of content metadata.

Automated Keyword Suggestion

Similarly to tags, AI can suggest keywords automatically for your article so you can include them in your content. This improves article relevance.

Advanced Spelling and Grammar Check

You may already be used to tools that can check the spelling and grammar of your content, but these will be integrated directly into your AI knowledge base. Your writing will be of superior quality and read much better with the application of AI.

For Knowledge Base Admin

Knowledge base admins manage the knowledge base and need to perform a range of tasks to ensure the smooth running of the knowledge base. Overall, administration of the knowledge base is important for functioning, ongoing improvements, and development. For example, AI can automatically remind users to change their passwords or control their access and integrate with smart assistants to keep the admin updated.

AI-powered Full Portal Search

Search the knowledge base with AI to instantly index every article in your portal. A highly nuanced search makes finding content easy. Your job is even easier if you’ve used AI to add tags.

Content Revision Reminders

Set reminders to give you updates on when to revise your content to keep it relevant for users. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in your customer support and provide the right answers, every time.

For Better User Experience

Users of the knowledge base from the self-service side will benefit from the following features when searching for and consuming information.

Interactive Search Assistant


AI can actively predict what users are searching for in the knowledge base to make it easier to find the answers they seek. AI understands the exact query that your users are looking for and provides the accurate answer with a reference article.

Article Summarizer


Summarizing articles quickly is important for users who want to condense lengthy content into a few sentences. AI understands the meaning of the article and cuts it down for the user to improve the user experience.

Related Article Recommender


Enhance content discoverability with related article recommendations that automatically suggest more content for users to read or watch. Eliminate the need for users to have to search for further information themselves.

AI Knowledge Base Vs Traditional Knowledge Base

An AI knowledge base has several advantages compared to the traditional one, which relies much more heavily on manual tasks.

Knowledge Retrieval

Being able to retrieve knowledge is much easier with the use of AI, which can automatically index and return content based on either specific or vague search parameters. In traditional knowledge bases, users have to know what they are looking for, but with AI, the system can predict the answers that users are after.

Knowledge Base Content Creation

You can create content much more quickly with the support of AI, which can automatically suggest words and phrases for your articles, so you don’t have to start completely from scratch. AI can also suggest new articles for you to create based on existing articles. Traditional knowledge bases only offer a basic content management system that limits the workflow processes with minimal automation.

Personalized Self-service

Customers have the chance for personalized self-service through content recommendations and highly powerful searches. Traditional knowledge bases rely solely on the user to know what they are looking for, whereas the AI-powered knowledge base is much more interactive and intelligent.

Interactive User Experience

Achieving an interactive user experience is possible with an AI knowledge base that can respond to the needs of users in real time. The experience is closer to interacting with a human when your knowledge base has AI, and customers are more satisfied with the response you give them.

Knowledge Base Content Relevancy and Updating

Content is more relevant and up-to-date when you use AI to adapt what you are writing for your audience. Content suggestions make use of past content to make recommendations.

Best AI-powered Knowledge Base Software


Document360 ai knowledge base

With Document360 2.0, AI has been deeply integrated into the very core of our system to provide the best easy-to-use experience. By relaunching Document360 with AI, we have upgraded our platform to support content creators, knowledge base admin, and users who want to take advantage of self-service customer support.

AI-powered search provides accurate results from the knowledge base portal for admins. The Eddy- AI Assistant will give exact answers to customer queries from the knowledge base with reference articles. For content creators, Eddy assists with AI prompt template suggestions and in expanding the content and helps you keep a consistent writing tone. Suggest in article titles, which allows you to choose or revise article titles. Additionally, it recommends the tags to organize the knowledge base content. Instead of reading lengthy articles, readers can save time using an article summarizer, they can get an idea from the condensed summary containing essential information from the article.

Give us a trial and find out more about Document360’s AI-powered features that make an easy-to-use platform and more self-service customer support-oriented platform.

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ClickUp knowledge base

ClickUp is a productivity tool and knowledge base that makes use of AI to enable you to build comprehensive projects much more quickly. Use AI to write faster and generate tasks automatically, saving you countless hours of busy work. AI in ClickUp is the automated assistant that helps you summarize, simplify your language, or change the length of the content.


Slite knowledge base

Slite is an AI-powered knowledge base that self-tidies, self-updates, and self-regulates so you can spend more time improving the customer support experience. Slite can translate your content into any language and change your tone or simplify language to suit any audience. Summarize or shorten your content for easier comprehension. 


Tettra knowledge base

Tettra is an AI-powered knowledge base that lets you curate company information and automatically answer questions in your company’s chat with Tettra’s bot Kai which is trained on your company’s knowledge. Create documents at speed with AI and use Tettra to create a comprehensive repository of information that employees can access at any time. Automatically verify your content to check whether it’s up-to-date.


Korra Knowledge base

Korra uses GPT in its AI-powered knowledge base to provide instant answers for your customers. Korra supports many different types of videos and documents so that GPT works across these formats to generate accurate results. You can empower your support team with AI by reducing tickets and employing conversational AI search.

Wrapping Up

Using AI in the knowledge base is essential for forward-thinking customer support teams that want to create better customer experiences. Traditional knowledge bases facilitated self-service customer support that was static, while AI knowledge bases ushered in the possibility for interactive and dynamic support without human intervention.

The options for AI-powered knowledge bases are growing, led by our very own Document360. Content creators wishing to better help their users through self-service can benefit from generative AI to improve their articles. On the user side, finding and comprehending content gets much easier with the assistance of AI.

Save time on repetitive, manual tasks and give users the experience they deserve with the help of AI. AI is the next generation of knowledge bases that put users first and augment the efforts of customer support teams.

An intuitive AI-Powered knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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