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AI powered Knowledge base in rapidly changing world

AI powered Knowledge base in rapidly changing world

Category: Knowledge Base Software

Last updated on Jan 24, 2022

Knowledge base platform plays an indispensable role in helping organisations capture information about their products, services, regulatory framework, standard operating procedures, business processes, and so on. Knowledge base platform helps organisation in managing their knowledge repositories throughout their entire lifecycle of create, update, manage, share, and archive.

Knowledge base provides one-stop shop for customer needs in terms of product documentation, “how-to” guides, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and internal processes. This greatly helps organisation to support their customers in finding answers to their questions. This also helps organisation to reduce the number of service tickets! Overall having a healthy knowledge base enhances customer experience.

In addition to customer benefits, a good knowledge base helps internal staff to share their business knowledge for shared understanding across organisation. This boosts staff productivity and strengthen collaboration among different business units.

Organisations know the importance of democratising the business knowledge as it propels innovation. To enable knowledge democratisation, organisation need to organise their content based on taxonomy, create articles, and maintain them over time.

Old world

Existing knowledge base platform provides tools to create, update, delete and archive content from their knowledge base. Various tools such as text formatting, multimedia files, search engine, workflow management, file management and bulk operations are common features found in many knowledge base platforms. A few platforms offer enterprise features such as access management, analytics, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), domain hosting, tags, customisation of knowledge base site, search engine, integration with third party tools, APIs, security and backup/restore and so on.

Knowledge base owners/admin shall effectively use enterprise features to strengthen their security, tighten their access and customise “look and feel” of their knowledge base site. Integration with other tools can also be facilitated for easy data transfer operations.

The content creators make use of knowledge base platform features to create content, organise them in categories, get content reviewed, and publish them. The workflow processes involved in publishing articles can also be automated within the platform.

Even though these rich features offer essential capabilities to content creators and knowledge base admin, they also limit content creator’s creativity and freedom. For example, content creators would like to create content using custom typefaces, rich multimedia resources, and voice dictation. The current knowledge base platform are not versatile enough to accommodate emerging needs of content creators!

At present, knowledge base admins are overwhelmed by the enterprise features and often lose track of latest features that are crucial for managing knowledge base platform. For example, the admin needs to strengthen security to protect against cyber-attacks. Rather than clicking buttons and configuring things, they need rich features which are accessed based on context!

To summarise, the old paradigm offers sufficient capabilities for content owners to do their basic job. However, it limits their freedom and creativity during content creation process. Secondly, the knowledge base admins are overwhelmed by enterprise features which needs to be discovered with many buttons clicks; The need to be keeping up with vendor’s product updates.

Furthermore, old knowledge base platform User Interface (UI) is still stuck in early 2000s !! User Interface is clunky and needs more mouse click to accomplish a task.

New world is exciting!

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a new capability that can be leveraged for enriching customer experience in knowledge base platform. Rise of AI algorithms that can self-learn and improvise over time is very captivating.

An AI based product features can evolve over time to offer contextual things that fulfils the business needs. An AI based recommendation engine will offer suggestions and nudges to derive maximum from the knowledge base platform. How exciting!

For example, after publication of article, an AI engine might suggest the content owner to write another one or offer suggestions to improvise article quality or bring relevant article analytics for content creator perusal. An AI-powered knowledge base offers limitless potential for content creators! 

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Content creators

Artificial Intelligence will augment content creator’s capabilities to support their creativity. An AI model will empower content creation with

Automated word suggestion

An AI algorithm can be trained in huge volume of text from internet using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. This trained algorithm is extremely capable of auto-suggesting next word in a sentence. Once content writers start typing, auto-suggestion features will suggest next appropriate words. Content creators will have a choice either to accept the auto-suggested word or ignore it. If ignored, the AI algorithm will learn and improvise its suggestion next time!

Advanced spelling and grammar check

Spell checks and semantic checks can be done on the go while the content creator is typing words thereby eliminating embarrassing typos before publication. This greatly improves the quality of content

Article title suggestion

An AI algorithm will automatically suggest best article title based on article content and SEO. This will be aid website admins to position their knowledge base for easy discovery


Content owners can dictate, and it will be transcribed into text by an NLP based algorithm. This is a new way of content creation rather than traditional way of writing content in a text editor

An AI algorithm will aid content creators to boost their productivity and amplify their creativity.

Knowledge base admin

An AI would automatically provide recommendations to knowledge base admin proactively. Mundane admin tasks such as user access controls, periodic password change, SEO, and periodic backups will be carried out by an AI algorithm without human intervention. This saves precious time of knowledge base admin!

Future knowledge base will be integrated with upcoming smart assistants / devices to keep admin well informed. For example, Amazon Alexa / Apple Siri can provide regular updates to knowledge base admin. These updates include status reports, insights from analytics, and knowledge base site.

Many third-party tools will be integrated natively with their organisation tools/platform thus enabling data exchange. This helps to mitigate a few business risks.

User Experience (UX)

To accommodate AI, the UX needs to be modernised. The modern look would amplify how AI would augment content writer’s capabilities. Instead, of being invasive design, an AI should provides contextual features which are enabled based on certain parameters to amplify human expression and creativity.

Fresh look of the AI driven based knowledge base platform keeps both content creators and admin engaged in the platform thus maximising value delivery.

Closing remarks

Soon, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based capabilities will be part of the knowledge base platforms and UX will be tailored to suit content writers’ requirements. An AI algorithm will automate low-value activities and provide insights into simplifying high-value tasks. An AI would make “knowledge base platform” intelligent.

Content writers will reap more benefits out of an AI algorithm as it augments their capabilities. An AI would make recommendations to knowledge base admin on prioritising their activities based on insights. These insights are derived from data collected across the platform in all dimensions.

An AI powered knowledge base will be the future.Future is going to be exciting! Are you ready for it?


An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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Selvaraaju Murugesan


Selvaraaju (Selva) Murugesan received the B.Eng. degree in Mechatronics Engineering (Gold medalist) from Anna University in 2004 and the M.Eng. degree from LaTrobe University, Australia, in 2008. He has received his Ph.D. degree in Computational mathematics, LaTrobe University. He is currently working as a Head of Data Science at SaaS startup His interests are in the areas of business strategy, data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and technical documentation.

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