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AI-Powered Knowledge Base Helps Customer Support

How an AI-Powered Knowledge Base Helps Customer Support

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Last updated on May 27, 2024

We all know conventional ways of answering customer queries will not satisfy today’s customers. The speed at which customers expect to find solutions is increasing every day. To give a competitive edge to your brand, equip it with an AI-powered Knowledge base.

If you are wondering about the big fuss about  AI-powered knowledge base then this blog is for you. With the use of AI, businesses can provide customers experiences that will set them apart from the competition.

Businesses must reimagine how they are engaging with information to help their customers more effectively. With tools like Document360 to create advanced knowledge bases for customer support, businesses can use it to create AI-powered self-service experiences without having to implement this technology themselves.

Customer support teams have long known that they use resources inefficiently when helping customers. Not only is it easier for customers to access information using the help of AI, but AI also makes the creation of self-service content much quicker and easier.

35% of businesses have already adopted AI,and nine out of ten support AI for a competitive advantage.

What is an AI-Powered Knowledge Base?

First of all, a clear understanding of what is a knowledge base is the key here. A knowledge base is a centralized repository for storing information that can be accessed by the users when searching for a piece of information.

We all know how AI is changing the world. AI in the knowledge base can change the way we organize the information, the way users can search the information, and make it SEO friendly. By now, you should be prompted on what an AI-powered Knowledge base means. Yes, an AI-powered Knowledge base uses advanced machine learning and Natural Language Processing technologies to understand user queries and make it a more easy-to-use platform.

At Document360, we have introduced Eddy, your new AI assistant with whom you can directly interact by asking questions and it will help you find more customized answers.  Eddy changes the way that your customers search and discover information and, therefore, how our knowledge base software operates too.

Eddy email example

It’s not so much about if companies are going to adopt AI-powered knowledge bases as it is when. Since AI is transforming the nature of search for users, searching for content in the knowledge base is going to undergo the same changes. It already has. Content creation is also being revolutionized with generative AI, breaking the limits for authors who want to write content at scale.

Benefits of using an AI Knowledge Base for Customer Support

The AI-powered knowledge base completely transforms customer support by eliminating much of the manual work previously conducted by customer support teams and technical writers.

Reduce Response Time

Customers want instant answers to their queries, and with AI they can search the knowledge base with a few keywords and AI will return answers to them in a format completely suited to their needs. Instead of waiting around for agents to become free, customers can receive the answers they need immediately through AI. Businesses that can eliminate the need for customers to wait are more likely to make a sale or retain customers they already have.

Improved Search and Retrieval

Instead of the laborious process of typing and retyping search terms into the knowledge base, the old way of information retrieval is out. Ask AI anything, and you will receive tailored answers fully supported by the wealth of information in the knowledge base, without having to use the exact terms described in the article because AI picks up on search intent.

Personalized Content Recommendations

Customers using your knowledge base can receive personalized content recommendations that help with the learning experience. Suggestions about what to read next give customers deeper insight into your product and increase adoption as customers discover new features and use cases that would otherwise have remained unknown to them.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Exceedingly repetitive tasks can be automated with AI in your knowledge base, such as adding contextual tags to your articles, coming up with titles, or linking related articles together. AI automatically suggests tags and related articles to give a much richer information experience that helps your customers self-learn, freeing up technical writers to focus on the overall picture of the knowledge base and agents to provide support.

Enhanced User Experience

When customers have access to easy answers and technical writers can use AI to create content, the user experience of your knowledge base is much better for everyone. Article suggestions or even complete answers are automatically generated for customers, while your content producers don’t have to write everything from scratch.


With AI powering your content creation efforts, it’s much more feasible to scale your customer support efforts without being restricted by budgets. Your agents and technical writers don’t have to write everything themselves and tags can be added at scale to improve efficiency. They can also use AI-powered analytics to understand content gaps and customer behavior in the knowledge base.

Data-Powered Insights

As we have just mentioned, AI uses data from your knowledge base to display key metrics and make insightful recommendations for improving your knowledge base. Health check metrics tell you at a glance how good your content is, from SEO metrics such as readability score and sentence length to readability metrics that make producing effective content much easier.

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How an AI Knowledge Base Helps the Customer Support Team?

Self-service doesn’t have to be a difficult experience; with AI’s help, your customer support team will perform better than ever.

Identifying Customer Queries in a Short Period

Ticket deflector enables you to identify customer queries that can be solved by the knowledge base far more quickly than an agent could respond to your customers. By creating common ticket deflectors and using AI to suggest relevant content, you can instantly solve many customer queries without lifting a finger.

Can Provide Accurate Answers with Reference Links

There is a high level of trust when it comes to using AI in the knowledge base since it will return answers to customers containing reference links that it has used to substantiate the reply. This gives a new level of transparency when using AI to answer customer queries, so customers can easily fact-check the information they receive since the facts are contained in an article.

Easily Create Content for New Queries

New queries that haven’t been solved by existing content can be addressed easily through AI. You can input the text for your new article and have AI change the tone or length automatically to reduce the time it takes for you to end up with a final product. AI writer allows you to use the power of generative AI to quickly create new content, combining human creativity with machine intelligence.

Gathering Insights into Customer Behavior

With an enhanced dashboard powered by AI, gathering insights into customer behavior on the knowledge base is easier than ever. Being able to view clicks and reading time down to the most granular detail enables you to use this knowledge to create better content by finding out what is working. By understanding exactly how customers interact with the knowledge base, you can analyze performance and identify customer needs.

Enhancing the Customer Support Experience

Customers are excited by the ability to access and find content in new ways since this makes the customer experience better than ever. Businesses that invest in the customer experience now are well-placed to beat the competition and ensure that superior customer support leads to better product adoption and loyalty. When businesses spend less time on creating content, they can invest both time and money back into the customer experience.

Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Automation

Automation gives you a competitive advantage by reducing the time it takes to perform certain actions. For example, you might utilize integrations with customer support software to automatically create knowledge base articles in your third-party app, seamlessly combining multiple tools. Eliminating unnecessary busy work saves all time and money that can be reinvested back into the business.

Creating a Centralized Repository for Relevant Content

Your content will be held centrally, allowing customers to discover relevant content as they search your knowledge base using AI. Customers won’t have to use the exact terms to find a piece of content since every article will be tagged with metadata and queries detected with NLP, adding a richer context to the article.

Utilizing Natural Language Processing for Common Questions

Natural Language Processing, or NLP, considers the relevant context surrounding the interaction. This means that NLP can respond in a much more nuanced and specific way for customers, sounding much more like a human than previous incarnations of AI.

Tips for Making AI Work for Your Knowledge Base

Now you know that implementing AI in your customer support is a good idea, here are a few tips for making that happen.

Create Lots of Helpful, Relevant Content

The key to making AI work in your knowledge base is filling it with helpful, relevant content. Although the AI is smart, it feeds off data that you create and then uses that data to construct answers for system users. The great thing is you create that content once, and it can be used infinitely to help as many customers as you like.

Constantly Update Content Based on Feedback

Some customers will tell you when your content isn’t hitting the mark, while others will churn without a word. Regularly solicit their feedback to understand when AI is meeting their needs and when you might need to create more content for a better customer support experience. Your first customers are like experiments who will alert you to the health of your content repository.

Use Analytics to Track Performance

An AI-powered knowledge base will come as in-built with advanced analytics reporting on content performance. For example, working out when customers are dropping off might show you that your content needs a bit of work in a particular area. Your most popular articles will require even more investment to ensure you are truly helping customers.

Document360 2.0 analytics

Deeply Understand Your Target Customers

Your customer base is unique, and any content you create for AI should specifically address their needs. Generic content will likely result in generic answers that fail to help customers in their most vulnerable moments and will have them turn to customer support in frustration. A well-targeted knowledge base will anticipate customers before they even have to ask, showing them you understand them well.

How Document360 Helps Your Business?

We have recently released Document360 2.0, which is a total upgrade of our software to incorporate the latest AI for our customers. Eddy is our AI assistant, who you can deploy to create content lightning fast or use to answer customer questions when your knowledge base is live. Document360 2.0 is redefining the knowledge base space and changing the way users interact with knowledge.

Document360 2.0 has every single feature we have talked about and more.

AI title recommender:
Document360 uses Natural Language Processing to identify critical information in the content and suggest suitable titles for the articles while preserving the original context.

AI title recommender suggestions

AI article summarizer:
This feature is useful when readers want to save time by avoiding lengthy articles. Instead, they can get an idea from the condensed summary containing essential information from the article.

AI Article summarizer

AI tag manager:
The feature analyzes the content, recognizes common keywords, and identifies topics to provide a set of suggested tags.

AI tag recommender

AI Search feature:
This New AI search feature uses AI algorithms to understand users’ prompts and queries and serve them with accurate information. This saves users time in searching for information in each article.

The only way to find out more is to give us a trial and see how Document360’s AI-powered knowledge base will supercharge your business.

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AI tools are already becoming commonplace as ChatGPT and Bard sweep the world, so AI-powered knowledge bases for customer support are the natural next step. When customers grow accustomed to using AI in all their usual applications, they will grow frustrated when your knowledge base fails to offer the same functionality.

Self-service in customer support is all about empowering customers to help themselves, relieving the burden on your support team. Using AI with traditional self-service methods is the key to unlocking value and elevating the customer experience. Companies that adopt AI-powered knowledge bases early will find themselves leading the herd and gaining more customer loyalty.

Making the content creation process easier as well as enhancing the customer experience of accessing information, are the twin benefits of AI in a customer support knowledge base. Document360 is cutting-edge in its ability to implement AI in your knowledge base and includes many features that improve the experience on both sides.

An intuitive AI-powered knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!

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