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Transforming your knowledge experience

Document360 2.0: Transforming your Knowledge Experience

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Dec 5, 2023

Exploring the enhanced features and user-centric innovations in Document360 2.0

The upgrade to Document360 version 2.0 was a faceted approach driven by a commitment to user-centric design, thorough feedback analysis, and an emphasis on enhancing the user experience. Document360 aimed to empower users with efficient content management and knowledge-sharing capabilities by offering interfaces, advanced analytics, and collaboration tools. The integration of intelligence improved automation features, bulk operations, and simplified content import processes streamlined the creation of knowledge resources. Customization options, enhanced search functionality, and expanded reporting capabilities were implemented to provide organizations with a data-driven knowledge management experience. Ultimately, these enhancements result in a user-friendly platform that enables organizations to create, manage, and share knowledge effectively while making informed decisions.

In the changing realm of knowledge management, staying ahead of innovation is vital. Document360 2.0 represents the iteration of this versatile knowledge base platform, which not only offers an updated appearance but also delivers a comprehensive reimagining of how knowledge is created, managed, and shared. Let’s delve into the features that Document360 2.0 brings forth.

A dashboard for comprehensive insights

Knowledge management begins with gaining an understanding of what transpires, within your knowledge base.

The latest version of Document360 known as Document360, 2.0 introduces an all-in-one Dashboard that serves as a hub for your knowledge management efforts. It provides an overview of your knowledge base performance and individual contributor summaries. Think of it as a control center that offers insights to help you make decisions.

Enhanced Analytics

With Document360 2.0, analytics capabilities reach heights. The platform now offers in-depth analytics across dimensions.

Article Performance Analytics: Delve into how your articles are performing. Gain an understanding of which articles are captivating readers and pinpoint areas that may require improvement.

Search Behavior Analytics: Analyze how users search for information within your knowledge base and fine-tune the search functionality accordingly.

Team Account Insights: Obtain insights into your team’s performance. Identify areas where additional support or training may be needed.

Reader Analytics: Get to know your readers by understanding their preferences. How they engage with your content.

Feedback Evaluation: Listen to what users are saying through feedback mechanisms and take action to enhance the quality of your knowledge base.

Link Interaction Tracking: Keep track of how users interact with links, in your documentation and optimize the user journey

Page Not Found Investigation: Identify areas where users might be getting lost or confused, allowing you to improve the content and prevent any issues.

Ticket Deflector Analytics: Keep track of how your knowledge base is assisting, in deflecting support tickets, saving time and resources.

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This abundance of data gives you the power to optimize your knowledge management strategy for outcomes.

Enhanced Analytics

Simplified “All Articles” Section

Managing several articles can feel overwhelming. With the bulk operations feature in the “All Articles” section, it becomes a breeze. Whether you need to update, delete or make modifications to articles Document360 2.0 simplifies the entire process.

All Articles

Effortless Article Import

Importing articles has never been easier. With Document360 2.0 you can effortlessly import articles by uploading Word files. This feature streamlines content creation. Speeds up the knowledge management process.

Article Import

Personalize your knowledge hub

Your knowledge base should reflect your brand and style. With Document360 2.0 you have control, over customizing your site with ease. Easily configure the header, footer, homepage, error pages, and login page from one location.

This user-friendly approach guarantees that your knowledge base truly reflects your expertise.

knowledge hub

AI-Powered article recommendations

The future of managing knowledge is being shaped by AI. Document360 2.0 fully embraces this by providing AI-driven article recommendations. It’s like having a friend who understands your knowledge base and suggests articles to enhance the quality of your content.

article recommendations

The Block Editor

Bid farewell to the ordinary. Welcome the extraordinary with the Block Editor. This editor isn’t a sidekick. A true partner for content creators. With its inline commenting capabilities, it enables collaboration transforming your documents into masterpieces.

Block Editor

Enhanced Search in the Portal with Advanced Filters

The new Portal Search feature allows you to search through your knowledge base using filters such as All, Articles, Settings, Drive, and Tags. This streamlined search experience ensures that you can quickly and efficiently find what you’re looking for.

Portal with Advanced Filters

Zendesk Federated Search Integration

Knowledge management often goes hand in hand with customer support. Document360 2.0 simplifies this process with Zendesk Federated Search integration. Say hello to a search tool that helps you effortlessly find valuable information in your documents.

Zendesk configuration

Simplified Article Creation Process

Creating crafted articles has never been easier than, with our optimized Article Creation feature.

Crafting an article is a breeze, like creating a masterpiece one click at a time. It simplifies the process of content creation. Ensures that your knowledge base is always kept up to date.

Article Creation Process

Article Publish Checklist

No mistakes! The Article Publish Checklist guarantees that you have covered all your bases before you hit that publish button making your content creation process more dependable.

Article Publish Checklist

Export to PDF

For those who require copies or downloadable versions of your content, Document360 2.0 offers the option to Export to PDF. Design looking. Generate PDFs that will leave a lasting impression on your readers.


To sum up, Document360 2.0 goes beyond appearance; it represents a comprehensive reinvention of knowledge management. With its feature Dashboard Analytics, efficient bulk operations seamless article imports, helpful Widgets, customizable site options, AI-powered article recommendations, and numerous other features it provides a complete solution for modern knowledge management. Stay ahead of the game. Embrace the future with Document360 2.0 – the companion, for your knowledge management journey.

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!


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