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Best ai tools for your business

10 Best AI tools for business in 2024 (To Drive Revenue & Productivity)

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Last updated on Apr 3, 2024

The business world is becoming increasingly competitive, and business owners need that extra dose to stay ahead of the curve. Modern customers have higher expectations that’s harder to meet; they value personalized experiences, meaningful relationships, and faster response time.

That’s where AI comes in.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, we have discovered creative ways to promote goods and services with minimal effort and maximum results. It’s now possible for business owners to make faster, better-informed decisions in less time—all thanks to AI.

However, there’s so many AI tools in the market now that it’s hard to know which ones will work best to meet your unique business needs and boost your productivity.

Here’s a look at the top ten AI tools in the 21st century that can transform your business.

The 10 Best AI tools for your business 

1. Document360


knowledge base for business


It’s only fitting that we start with a one-stop solution for all things documentation in business. Document360 is an AI-powered knowledge base solution that allows business owners to  create and manage a self-service knowledge base encompassing FAQ pages, user manuals, API documentation, software documentation, standard operating procedures, employee handbook that help in improving the learning curve of new employees or customers.

Document360 offers an array of AI features that users can benefit from the knowledge base tool.  Users can find relevant information by asking Eddy -AI Assistant for a more personalize experience in searching for answers.

Example of Eddy AI Feature

The interactive AI search gives a top-notch search experience for users to find answers and avoid wasted time. The AI writer assists the contributor in shortening or lengthening the articles, SEO meta description generator, tag recommender and relevant article recommendations.

Apart from AI features, it also hosts a number of robust features like rich editor, version control,category manager and integrations . All these features give the user an interactive knowledge base experience and make it easy to navigate the knowledge base. Setting up such an AI-powered knowledge base helps business owners achieve customer satisfaction and internally improve team productivity.

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2. ChatGPT

Chatgpt ai tool

In 2022, many people were fully introduced to the world of artificial intelligence through  ChatGPT. This was the first time a lot of users had come in contact with AI, which provides responses to specific questions and insights into issues based on what the users requested. Therefore, it’s inevitable that we talk about this chatbot that uses the power of conversational AI to provide users with answers to a wide variety of questions. This is useful for businesses as this chatbot uses GPT-4, an advanced language model trained using multiple information online.

ChatGPT can hold engaging conversations with users while following specific instructions.  Small business owners can use this AI tool for their content marketing strategy to craft blog posts and relevant content to interact with their customers. This natural language processing tool can also translate texts across diverse languages. 

3. Jasper

Jasper for business

Jasper operates as an AI-powered writing assistant that allows users not to sweat writing quality content. For small businesses that are not capable of producing quality content to go online and attract the audience’s attention with their limited budget, this AI  content creator will be a great tool. It utilizes a suite of AI models to handle issues through answering questions, writing different forms of content, translating various languages, and generating simple text.

As a result, businesses can utilize blog posts and articles as entertaining learning materials for both their potential and current clients. Other uses are for creating emails, promotional texts, and product summaries. A superior approach of Jasper AI is that it can be customized to replicate your brand’s tone of voice. This means that it can help you ensure your company’s style, tone, and brand identity align perfectly across all AI-generated content.

4. Grammarly


Grammarly for business


Ever since its launch in 2009, Grammarly has functioned as an AI-powered spellchecker with features for text generation and paraphrasing with little to no errors. Sometimes, creating the best content for your audience as a business can be a daunting task when you think of having to proofread each text word for word. Rather than go through this time-consuming process, Grammarly is a ready alternative that harnesses the power of AI to automatically locate any mistakes in your content for any social media platform, including LinkedIn and  Twitter.

Apart from this, you can quickly find better word synonyms and improve your articles’ readability so they are easy for your audience to read and understand. Use  Grammarly to spot errors quickly.

5. Fireflies


Fireflies for business


Productivity tools are necessary for businesses that would love to work smarter and not just harder. You can use AI to make the most of your meetings and build efficient teams for your business. Fireflies is an advanced AI meeting assistant that has revolutionized the art of note-taking. This tool can transcribe, summarize, and analyze meetings seamlessly using a blend of machine learning and natural language processing. This means Fireflies  AI will automatically convert your meeting to text formats by creating information-rich summaries and insights that significantly lessen your workload. This AI tool works with  Zoom and Google Meet. Therefore, you can enable Fireflies during online meetings, and it will note important information that could easily have been missed during a manual process.


6. ThoughtSpot Sage


Thoughtspot for business


Sage is ThoughtSpot’s Generative AI offering built on the product’s search interface. The AI-based analytics platform never stops improving its efficiency with Google PaLM and GPT’s natural language processing (NLP) algorithms under the hood. Thus, blending up these technologies enables ThoughtSpot’s Sage to stay ahead of other ways of user engagement with their data.

Through this tool, the user can engage with the system in plain English, and the system, in turn, shall interpret the input and respond accordingly. A great application for business is the use of AI to break down trends and patterns in data into a format that can be harnessed easily for better results. Therefore, ThoughtSpot Sage provides AI-powered search suggestions, answers, and natural language searches. Users can get started with the free plugins for Excel and Google Sheets.




Frase for Business


Content creation is the soul of most businesses, so don’t be so shocked that we have a lot of that on this list. Frase helps with every part of content creation, from the topic research stage to the writing phase. Through artificial intelligence, Frase conducts research on frequently asked questions and potential topics that will resonate with your audience.  Moving on from this, it then generates content briefs and optimizes the written content for high-level engagement. Another huge plus of this AI tool is the ability to carry out comprehensive competitor content analysis to help you stay ahead of the business curve.  Marketers and content creators can leverage this to create SEO-friendly content.

8. InsideSales


Rather than rely on face-to-face interactions only to connect with your potential and current customers, you can leverage InsideSales as an AI tool for maximizing digital communication channels. This is an intelligent sales engagement platform that helps professionals increase their productivity and connect to the right buyers to boost business growth. A top feature is the task function that allows users to upload a lead and receive concise recommendations on when to call. Automated campaigns provide a personalized approach to maintaining communication with customers and increasing sales.

9. Dall-E

Dall e for business


Developed by OpenAI, Dall-E is a text-to-image AI tool that can generate remarkably accurate images from text-based instructions. Nowadays we live in a visual society like never before:  users relate more with products and services promoted visually. Imagine how great it would be to write the description, “a man holding up a sign,” and the tool would conjure the image up instantly. Prompts like this are great for Dall-E to produce original artwork and drawings that would drive more customer satisfaction. This AI image generation tool is also helpful in product design processes, especially for products like furniture and clothing. 

Traditionally, individuals depending on human expertise and creativity, must spend hours coming up with illustrations and images to pitch to customers but automation has existed to help product designers in the visualization part of this process. For businesses, you can take advantage of this Artificial Intelligence platform to generate marketing materials such as flyers and posters to promote your products and services.

10. Lavender


Lavender for business


Lavender’s unique product offering lies in its AI-powered ability to help you write better and more effective emails. This tool is mainly an email assistant that optimizes communication with your target audience. We are in an era where email marketing is at the forefront of the content strategy of most businesses. With weekly newsletters, you can keep your customers in the loop about your new product offerings, special announcements, and discount offers or educate them on how to use your product. Lavender will analyze the communication style of your consumers and provide realistic suggestions that will increase the chances of a positive engagement. This AI tool also analyzes the best time to send emails to your recipient with an excellent open rate.

Key considerations while choosing an AI tool for business 

We understand users have an overwhelming myriad of advanced AI tools in the market. But not necessarily you will use all the features listed out. There are some exciting features that will add more value to your business. Here is what you should consider in selecting the tool.

Intuitive User Experience

User experience is intensely challenged by advanced AI tools. Yes, it has a vast impact on UX designs, personalized messages, tailored responses and more. Users feel very interactive with AI search. Wait it’s not over there, businesses find this experience of the user keeps them engaged with the tool and this reduces churn and increases usability.

With an intuitive user experience, navigation on the AI platform is smooth and straightforward. Users can easily find the tools they need and apply them speedily for the best results.

User-friendly learning curve

The right AI tool for your business should incorporate an easy and enjoyable learning process. The learning curve for your AI tool matters, as this contributes to how well you can maximize its unique product offerings for your business.

Data security and privacy measures

Another important feature when searching for the best free AI tools is the data security and privacy measures put in place to safeguard users. It’s no secret that some AI platforms harvest user data and utilize it without user consent. Therefore, you should ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of such platforms, which can compromise your customer privacy and data. The best AI tools are those that respect their users and have put measures in place to safeguard the platform from infiltration by hackers.

 Integration capabilities

As business owners, you have to work with various platforms to ensure that you’re delivering optimally to your customers. In today’s business world, using an AI tool that lacks integration capabilities with major CRM systems would be quite stressful. That would mean using multiple AI tools, which adds significant time to the process of training your team on their usage and leads to duplication of efforts. Therefore, look for AI tools with integration capabilities with major software for documentation, meetings, and scheduling.

Availability of support services

Can you reach out to a customer service representative and get a response within the recorded time?  This is an important question when choosing an AI tool for your business. It’s inevitable that you could get stuck at some point while using the tool or need clarifications on some features.  Therefore, you need the flexibility to reach out to support services and get prompt answers that cater to your pain points. This reliability will boost your overall satisfaction with the tools, and this will be reflected in your engagement with prospective and current customers.

Next Steps 

As you know, there are various AI tools that can be employed to scale up your business, and the next thing to do is find a tool that suits your business exactly.

Document360 offers the best, especially when it comes to AI in knowledge management. You can always explore the appropriate tools and effectively utilize the products of those tools in your endeavor to reduce churn and stimulate customer engagement online. Considering the fact that Artificial Intelligence keeps evolving at an unbelievable rate in recent times, there will be more creative ways to enhance customer engagement and automate mundane tasks.

So, keep exploring and embracing the AI revolution. Get started with Document360 for free!

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which AI is right for my business?

    The AI that is right for your business encompasses all the key considerations that we have mentioned earlier. It must have a user interface that is easy to navigate, a user-friendly learning curve, and data security measures. It must integrate with other popular productivity apps and provide customer care that responds promptly.

  • Building your business by leveraging AI is easy. It starts with researching the kind of content that resonates with your target audience. Then, use this to create both short-form and long-form content that is error-free. Another AI tool can be used for distribution by scheduling posts across different social media platforms.




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