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Eddy’s Exploration: 7 Free AI Prompt Templates to Experiment With

Category: Knowledge Base Software

Last updated on Jan 24, 2024

“Ask Eddy” is the Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) that helps your customers get answers to their questions based on your knowledge base content. Eddy provides an accurate answer quickly to your customer’s questions utilizing trustworthy content of your knowledge base. Eddy’s User Interface (UI) has been designed for simplicity; Its interface breads familiarity with ChatGPT-like tools, thus your customers can be easily accustomed to its UI. Instead of using a “keyword” search, you can type a question into the “Ask Eddy” UI, and Eddy will respond.

Technical writers need to upskill themselves in prompt engineering techniques to get more value from GenAI capabilities. These prompt engineering hacks help in the content creation and content management process of your documentation lifecycle. Prompt engineering can help you create an article outline, change the tone of content, check for typos, and so on. On the other hand, if you have any ChatGPT-like tools integrated into your knowledge base, prompt engineering hacks will assist you in addressing various use cases for your internal and external stakeholders. To make it easy for technical writers, AI prompt templates address common use cases and scenarios.  

AI prompt templates 

An AI prompt template is a fully customizable prompt that helps technical writers produce an outcome. It contains a clear set of instructions and has a lot of context in detail. It also has configured input data and output formats. The benefits of AI prompt templates include 

  • Time savings – Instead of constructing a new prompt every time, you can use these vetted and pre-defined templates to accomplish your goals quickly. This leads to productivity gains
  • Reusability – AI templates can be reused multiple times by technical writers who span across multiple teams inside your organization
  • Consistency – AI prompt templates provide consistency in how outputs are being generated 

7 AI prompt templates addressing various business use cases

Whether you’re building a Learning Management System, generating quick support ticket responses, seeking clarity on complex concepts, or generating quick, concise answers, these prompt templates save a lot of time and effort. This article addresses 7 AI prompt templates that cater to various business use cases.

1. AI prompt template to build a Learning Management System

If you are part of the technical writing team, there are chances that you will be collaborating with your Human Resources team to help build a Learning Management System for your internal and external stakeholders. You might be assigned a task to produce Multiple Choice Questions on various aspects of your software product or any services. Producing Multiple-choice Choice Questions is a laborious task that consumes a lot of time. Eddy can assist you in producing questions and answers on various topics based on your knowledge base content. Here is the AI prompt template 

  I am creating a learning management system for my organization. Create <number> multiple choice questions along with correct answers on the <topic> 

The placeholders for numbers and topics can be customized. Here are some examples from the Document360 knowledge base site.  

create lms with AI prompt

2. AI prompt templates to generate quick responses for support tickets

The customer support team are a natural ally to the technical writer’s team given the shared responsibilities to collaborate to increase customer satisfaction. If a customer support team receives a query on any “how-to” procedures or processes, Eddy can help customer support staff. Here is the AI prompt template 

Write an email to a customer giving a list of steps to <procedure topic> 

The placeholders for the procedure topic can be customized. Here is an example from the Document360 knowledge base site. 

ai prompt for email

3. AI prompt templates to seek clarity on business concepts

If your customers are seeking information clarity on some complex concepts in your software product features or any services you offer, then Eddy can help your customers with articulating complex concepts in simple terms. Here is the AI prompt template 

Explain the <concept>; the First paragraph should say what it is; the Second paragraph should say when to use it; the Third paragraph should summarise the first and second paragraph 

The placeholders for the concept can be customized. Here is an example from the Document360 knowledge base site. 

AI prompt for complex concepts

4. AI prompt templates to get quick and short answers

If your customers want short answers to some of the questions, Eddy can do that! Here are some examples of “How” and “What” questions where Eddy provided an exact answer!  

AI prompt for How questions

AI Prompt for What questions

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5. AI prompt templates for comparisons

If your customers compare a set of features with others, there is no need to create a comparison for each topic. If content is present in your knowledge base, Eddy can produce comparison tables! Here is the AI prompt template 

Compare <feature 1> and <feature 2> with <product name> in table format 

The placeholders for feature and product name can be customized. Here is an example from the Document360 knowledge base site.  

Comparisons Prompt in AI

Comparison prompt in eddy

6. AI prompt templates to seek answers to “why” questions

Another typical use case is that your customer might want to know the purpose of a software product feature or any policies of your organization, and then Eddy can assist your customers! Here is the prompt template 

Why do I need <feature name > / <policy name> 

The placeholders for the feature name and policy name can be customized. Here is an example from the Document360 knowledge base site.  

AI prompt for why Questions

7. AI prompt templates for language translation on the fly

Even if you do not have a multilingual knowledge base, Eddy can translate content on the fly for your customer’s questions. Here is an example,

AI Prompt for Language translation

Data Privacy and Data Security 

Ask Eddy is built with state-of-the-art encryption and security protocols. The underlying technology uses AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest and uses TLS1.2 for HTTPS protocols for data in transit. Eddy is security-hardened against prompt injection attacks. To ensure data privacy, none of the questions and responses are stored for training any Large Language Models of the third-party providers we use. 

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Closing remarks 

Prompt engineering is emerging as another skill set requirement for technical writers. If you are utilizing “Ask Eddy” in your knowledge base, these AI prompt templates shall help you maximize the usage of Eddy for various use cases. These AI prompt templates can also be used in various other ChatGPT-like systems such that these prompt templates can be modified. These prompt templates address various use cases for both internal and external stakeholders.  

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