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About Comgate

Comgate is a Czech company that provides payment gateways and terminals under supervision of the Czech National Bank. While e-shops are provided with payment gateways, payment terminals are provided to physical stores. The 20-year-old company’s clients include startup entrepreneurs, mid-size and established businesses mostly across Czechia, Slovakia, and Poland. The company, which has a license to operate throughout EU with no limit on volumes of payment, is now looking to expand to more countries as a full-fledged provider of payment services.

Business Requirement

With a customer base of more than 15,000 clients and growing, Comgate sought an online knowledge management platform to host their user guides, so their customers could self-serve. They hoped customers could refer to these guides to set up the gateways or terminals and troubleshoot issues rather than contact their customer support team.

Comgate initially tried to build a knowledge base within its website as part of a help section. However, they faced certain issues like

  • The interface was designed to add more graphic elements rather than textual information, thus making uploading detailed user guides difficult.
  • The platform did not have provisions to structure a knowledge base by creating a table of contents and articles.


After researching some options in the knowledge management space, they decided to host their user guides on Document360. The following features in Document360 made it a suitable choice.

  • Homepage builder made it simple for Comgate to customize the homepage with their logo and color schemes to suit their brand guidelines
  • The user interface is easy to navigate for users and authors setting up the knowledge base
  • GIFs and video tutorials can be added to articles allowing customers to understand the process in less than a minute if they don’t have the time to read through an article
  • Feedback manager enables customers to leave feedback on any article, which allows the team to identify and fill gaps in information, updating the knowledge base regularly

Michal Petrák, Communications and PR Manager at Comgate says,

Document360 made it very simple to create a logical, well-structured knowledge base that includes a list of topics, sub-topics and articles

Business Transformation

Comgate says they have seen a huge shift in their support team’s customer support experience after they published their online knowledge base. Comgate reports that the number of customers who have begun self-serving with the knowledge base has increased, and the duration of customer support calls has reduced. They say their customer support mechanism is a lot more comprehensive now.

Earlier customer calls would run longer because even the basics had to be explained to them and we often had to wait online till they tried our solution and it worked. But now, the support staff sends a link to the relevant article, which is a lot more detailed, allowing customers to find their solutions themselves

Michal also reports that many of Comgate’s customers have begun setting up the payment gateway themselves after referring to the online knowledge base.

The rich metrics also gives them insights into increases in usage, terms and information customers search for but do not find the right results. This prompts technical writers to either change keywords in relevant articles, add tags or split the article making it easily searchable.


Document360’s platform allowed Comgate to structure their online knowledge base logically. The easy-to-use knowledge base and interactive articles filled with pictorial and video elements has also made it attractive for their customers to self-serve.

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