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How to store & manage knowledge base files with the new drive

Document360 Drive elevates the experience and optimizes the way you organize, view, access, backup, and manage all the files and folders in a unified hub which is simply a central cloud-based storage repository. The Drive uses a similar folder structure to the Documentation Editor to organize and contain files. Every project comes with a default Images folder, which includes three sub-folders: Documentation, Settings, and Landing Page. Images is a system folder and cannot be deleted or renamed.

To add a new folder, click Add New Folder. To add a subfolder, click More Options next to any existing folder and select Add Subfolder. Folders and subfolders can be renamed and deleted using the More Options menu.

  • You can search for files uploaded in the Drive using available filters.
  • Date: filter files updated within a time frame or a specific range of dates.
  • Update By: filter files based on the team member who updated them to the Drive.
  • Type: filter files based on their type.
  • Tags: filter files with certain tags assigned to them

Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer: Drive

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