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Tired of Google Docs for Documentation?

Try Document360! The Ultimate Modern Documentation tool for your Product, Internal Teams, Employees & more.

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Document360 VS Google Doc

Delivering best-in-class Documentation and Document sharing experience online for your team and partners

Features Google Doc
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Integrations & extension
Editor Markdown & WYSIWYG Google Docs Editors
File Storage Nested Flat/ Linear
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Why Companies choose Document360

Document360 enables you to streamline end-to-end Document editing, collaboration, sharing and securing your compliance and other critical information.

Private hosting

Document360 allows you to select between private hosting and cloud hosting. You can increase reliability by using private hosting.


Document360 allows you to customise your CSS/JavaScript codes to increase brand loyalty and accentuate competition differences.


Document360’s powerful analytics provide greater insight into user feedback, search analytics, team performance, and documentation health.

Roles and Permission

Give your team, editors, partners, and vendors roles and permission. Manage and govern who has access to documents for viewing, editing, and deletion.

Rich editor

Document360’s editor allows users to choose between Markdown or WYSIWYG editor with real-time preview option.


Document360 can integrate with your existing process and tools easily. This will make tasks even more seamless.

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