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About View Inc

View is a smart building technology company with the mission to transform buildings into responsive environments. View Inc started by revolutionizing something that hadn’t changed for centuries—the simple window—and in so doing, built the only complete, modular, cloud-native platform to deliver on the promise of smart buildings. View Inc Smart Glass and the Smart Building Cloud transform buildings into responsive, healthy and sustainable environments while increasing cybersecurity and efficiency for building owners and their tenants. Today, View’s products are deployed in offices, apartments, life science facilities, airports, hospitals, schools, hotels.

Business Requirement

View sought a documentation tool to create and host a user guide for a new product. They felt that having an online tool would make it easier to onboard customers and easier to manage documentation updates with a distributed team. Their older documentation system was both difficult to use and manage due to the following challenges:

  • Technical writers had to publish new documents using the ASCII docs and GitHub, which they found tedious and slow.
  • Technical writers are spread across multiple countries in India, Italy, and the United States of America thus managing multiple contributors with proper version control was cumbersome

View Inc was looking for a tool that is easy to use and suits their customer needs. Some of the basic business requirements were:

  • Easy to use for document writers and consume for users.
  • Allow writers from different locations to be able to collaborate cohesively.
  • Support multiple versions of documentation.


After looking at many options in the market, View Inc chose Document360 to host their product’s user guides. Here’s how Document360 met their requirements:

  • The intuitive user interface made it easy to use for the writers, reviewers, and readers
  • Technical writers enjoyed the fact that they could work on Document360 from a web browser and did not require any specialized tools installed on their desktop machine.
  • Document360’s workflow feature makes it easy for people to review the articles and make edits before publication.
  • Allows multiple people to collaborate seamlessly on a single article making edits and changes while also highlighting every change through article versioning

Business Impact

View Inc reports that their online documentation has significantly decreased the time spent educating new customers. They have also been getting positive feedback from customers that the documentation on Document360 is more comprehensible and easily consumable.

Document360 makes it easy for us to share our documentation resources across multiple products

Their success with Document360 has prompted View Inc to onboard documentation of their other products with the knowledge management platform. “We have hundreds of pages of documentation in HTML. We are working with the Document360 migration team to move it to Document360


Document360 was a perfect tool for View Inc to help their new customers self-serve when being onboarded. It reduced the time View Inc spends with customers during onboarding, making them more agile as a business. Once documentation of all their products is moved to Document360 it will help them better utilize their documentation resources too.