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About Tegsoft

Tegsoft is an Independent Software Vendor headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, that has developed an omni-channel communications platform running multi-industry customer engagements. Tegsoft is managing more than 2 million customer interactions per day in 15 different countries, (across Europe, UAE as well as USA). It also serves 25,000 customer service agents and 50,000 customers per day.

The business needs

As Tegsoft is rapidly expanding their business globally, they need a platform to efficiently manage their technical documentation. Tegsoft needs to build technical documents, user manuals, product feature release notes, code snippets to empower business partners to having a good knowledge about their products and services. Technical know-how helps their business partners configure the product in the customer environment without any hassle.


Tegsoft was utilizing Google Drive for creating and sharing their documents earlier which does not provide efficient way to organise content, enable real-time search and provide actionable analytics. Tegsoft has evaluated multiple products in the market to meet their documentation needs. Document360 was chosen as the solution as it is versatile to manage technical documentation at scale. Document360 provides rich features and is suited for providing granular access control in their internal (private) knowledge base.

Tegsoft internal knowledge base comprises information pertaining to the internal working of the Tegsoft software, technical documentation, setup guides, and troubleshooting manuals. Tegsoft internal knowledge base needs to be accessed by different roles in the documentation team, technical team and business partners. The granular access privileges can be configured easily with Document360 to enable different team members with various roles can access certain sections of their internal knowledge base. The internal employees access this internal knowledge base for finding information on business process flows.

In addition to private documentation, Tegsoft also maintains a public documentation that contains basic materials to enable new prospects to learn about Tegsoft and its products.

Tegsoft documentation team uses Document360 features extensively to be customer-centric and utilizes Document360 features to solve their customer problem. Some feature highlights include

  • Extensive use of Analytics feature – What customers are searching for, which articles are popular, understanding customers geography.
  • Security feature to assign different roles and configure granular access permission.

The Tegsoft documentation team updates the document more frequently to improvise quality based on the feedback. The software developer, customer support team and documentation team can update the documentation quickly to address knowledge gaps.

Business impact

Tegsoft’s CTO, Eray Gürsoy, has foreseen that business will be going to expand rapidly and best way to serve customers globally is through documentation. Tegsoft has undergone a business transformation journey and formalized a systematic way of creating technical documentation. The business impacts of their technical documentation are

  • Time savings: The well-written user manuals help business partners set up and configure the Tegsoft product in less time and enable their customers to be productive. This reduces the support cases of their internal customer support team.
  • Self-service: Helps customers to self-serve and find solutions to troubleshoot any issues.
  • Increased productivity of Tegsoft employees.

Closing line

Tegsoft is very happy with Document360 support team as issues are resolved as per the Service Level Agreement. Ozan says that Document360 provides an effective way of documentation. Gözde, Technical document writer says.

Document360 has user-friendly interface and feel comfortable using it.

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