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About UGA finance

UGA finance is a company that helps businesses provide flexible consumer financing options for their customers. They help businesses provide small unsecured loans and establish payment plans for their customers. This is turn helps them achieve more sales. They also have a streamlined process of then handling the loan servicing, including sending payment bills and reminders and collecting monthly EMIs.

The business needs

UGA Finance needed an internal knowledge base to document their collection of internal policies and procedures for their staff of over 100 employees and another external knowledge base for user documentation which includes FAQs. While the internal knowledge base mainly concerns the procedures and checks and balances to be followed before a loan is granted, the external knowledge base is for their customers to access and browse through when they face an issue or require more clarity on for example adding or refusing a customer. So UGA Finance directs customers to their knowledge base through links provided on their website.

UGA finance initially roped in a few developers to build a knowledge base for the above purposes and even used Microsoft word for some of the documentation. But it posed a few challenges like

  • Not providing a clear article version history showing.
    1. Who made those edits
    2. When the edits were made
    3. What actions were taken by author
  • The number of people, time, and money to use other knowledge bases were a lot higher.

UGA Finance signed up with Document360 after evaluating other tools in the market.

Document360 provided the following features to meet their business requirements of establishing an internal and external knowledge base.

  • Markdown editor which technical writers prefer using when writing articles.
  • Restricted access based on IP addresses allowing them to put up sensitive, private information on their internal knowledge base.
  • Ability to click and upload screenshots of procedures, which helps when doing client demonstrations.
  • Version history feature allows writers to exactly show when a change was made in the policy or procedure.
  • Audit also allowed them to adhere to many compliance restrictions placed by banks and other states.

Jason Enneking, the chief information security officer at UGA Finance, says:

As a small company, we have a lot of turnover. Document360 has helped us document our procedures and policies so even if people leave, we enable business continuity through documentation and keep moving forward.

This internal knowledge base provided a platform for knowledge sharing thus helping the organization in eliminating business continuity risks. Moreover, it promoted knowledge sharing culture which propelled innovation and collaboration.

Business Transformation

“Document360 was the perfect solution for us to create a database of annually reviewed policies and procedures. It helps us prove with evidence that we are doing daily, monthly, quarterly reviews”

After UGA Finance implemented Document360 they were able to build an internal knowledge base of procedures and policies that were reviewed periodically and complied with regulations of banks and 50 states in the USA where they function in.

The external knowledge base also helped them build a solid customer support system.

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