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About Artegic

Artegic is an enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that provides a tool called ELAINE, for corporations looking for marketing automation and transactional email optimization. ELAINE automates sending of emails and mobile messages while providing great customer experiences. Artegic also provides consulting services, IT integration, and professional services for digital dialogue marketing and market data research. Their product mainly caters to the German market.

Business Requirement

When Artegic transitioned to a single-product SaaS company, it stopped providing desktop installation services to new clients. Artegic has implementation partners who would install ELAINE in some of their customers whom Artegic do not have any direct relationship with. Artegic were looking for a platform that could host all their product documentation, which could be referred to by both their direct customers and their partners.

They were initially hosting their knowledge base on Confluence. However, the platform provided certain challenges.

  • The search engine’s functionality was limited thus, finding the right information was challenging. This also led to some negative feedback from frustrated customers.
  • They required the knowledge base to function in German. While Confluence had a translation plug-in, the translated content lacked fluency and flow.


After evaluating various alternatives in the knowledge management space, they opted for Document360 to host their knowledge base. The following features made Document360 a perfect fit for their requirements.

  • Powerful AI-powered engine yields perfect search results, leading to positive customer feedback and increased usage.
  • They wanted translation services to be natively built into the product to improve language awareness and fluency.
  • Reader groups help in limiting access to information that different groups of people like customers and partners can see
  • Versioning helps when the knowledge base requires an update every other week because writers can always refer to the old versions for any information that may have been lost
  • The rich metrics provide information on negative searches or word searches that did not yield information, either because it was missing or wrongly tagged. This helps the concerned team fill that knowledge gap.
  • The code view gives additional flexibility to the writer to customize the content formatting.
  • Rich metrics provide insights into which countries use the documentation site the most, and whether numbers are increasing in certain regions
  • Single-sign-on helps users access the knowledge base once they sign into the tool without having to key in authorization details again.

Jorg Sayn, chief technical officer at Artegic AG says

As a company, we wanted to adopt a lean workflow where every developer can extend the documentation himself or herself. Document360’s easy-to-use interface has helped us achieve that.

Business Impact

Jorg says,

Document360 has helped Artegic AG create a really good knowledge base, which in turn has helped us provide quality support services to our external implementation partners and customers.

Jorg says for Artegic, which moved from being a multi-product company to a single-product company without any related services, having a good knowledge base is crucial to providing support and services to their partners and clients.

Jorg also noted that Artegic’s knowledge base platform has stopped receiving negative feedback or complaints after they moved to Document360. Data also shows that usage of the knowledge base is growing.


Artegic customers are mostly based in Germany. Document360’s Editor provides capabilities to create content in German language. However, this content needs to be translated to English to serve their global customers. Document360’s powerful translation engine perfectly fits this requirement. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for their partners and customers to have help 24×7, while Artegic can continue providing the same with its lean workflow.

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