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Sriparna Saha

Head & Associate Director - Technical Writing, Razorpay

Technical writing has seen immense growth in recent years. Whenever there is any new product, a product update, or any technical development, documentation in the form of help guides and release notes are necessary to help users understand how to use it.

Nowadays, it is getting more and more important for content strategists, technical writers, information developers, and technical communicators to reassess their strategies and embrace a fresh perspective and craft new content plans for their organization.

In this session, Sriparna Saha, Head & Associate Director – Technical Writing at Razorpay, will uncover the latest trends in technical writing that are making waves in the industry and redefining how technical writers create content. She will share insights on what has worked in the past and discover the potential game-changers for this season.

About the Speaker

Sriparna Saha is a seasoned Technical Writer with two decades of experience in technical documentation. She has been in a leadership role for approximately 10 years, leading the tech writing function, curating content strategies and collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver best-in-class user documentation.

Sriparna thrives on innovation, embracing cutting-edge tools and technologies to sculpt highly efficient processes and teams. Her mantra is, “Content isn’t just information; it’s a powerhouse that adds value for organizations and users. Use it effectively; you will amazed by the results!”