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Feature Update: Custom Domain Mapping for Knowledge Base

A custom domain is a unique label of your brand or company connected to a website’s IP address. Users can type in this unique URL to connect to and view your site. Document360 gives you the option to “map” your existing domain to your documentation website.

What’s new:

Configuration checks

Configure custom domain for the project:

Document360 checks if the custom domain is available (valid) for mapping

Domain verification

The domain ownership is verified by matching the DNS (Domain Name System) records of the custom domain

SSL Provisioning

The SSL certificate is generated by Document360 (on Let’s Encrypt) and bound to the mapped custom domain


How to setup custom sub folder paths:

  • On the Document360 Knowledge base portal
  • Go to Settings → Knowledge base site → Custom domain → Sub folder hosting(tab)
  • By default, the Sub folder path is set to /docs
  • Click inside the field, delete the docs and type in your custom sub folder path (, For example, – /help)
  • Click on the Update button on the right
  • This new custom sub folder would only work in the sub folder hosting setting is enabled in your project


Here is an elaborate guide for you to refer to: Custom Domain

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