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About Zumen

Zumen is a source-to-pay platform specifically designed for product manufacturing companies. They ​are an ​enterprise SaaS company helping companies streamline and manage their companies’ procurement process online.

Business Requirement

Zumen wanted to provide all their help content—videos and user guides—within the applications​.​​ Basically, they did not want users to navigate outside the application for help.


After evaluating various tools like Adobe RoboHelp, which Shalin says they found ​cumbersome to use, they decided to zero in on Document360. The following features made Document360 perfect for their requirement:

  • The KB Assistant option that provides dynamic screen-wise help content
  • Importing of content from Google Docs, which is used by the technical writers to author and review content
  • Attachment of videos and images, which customers can refer to instead of reading through texts
  • The drag-and-drop feature in the folder structure makes it extremely simple for the technical writers to organize content
  • Bookmarking within an article and cross-linking it to other articles
  • The folder structure helps a writer see their entire content in a single glance, making restructuring simple

Senior Technical Writer at Zumen, Mary Shalin says,

Having an online knowledge base has also given potential customers more confidence in trying out our product because they know that if they are stuck, they can help themselves instead of always waiting for us to help them out

Business Impact

Shalin says that after they introduced Document360, the time taken to train staff and users of Zumen has reduced significantly.


For an enterprise SaaS company like Zumen, Document360’s KB assistant is a perfect fit, because the widget is available on every page of the application. The KB assistant widget provides documentation relevant to the page the customer is viewing, making it seamless experience to get contextual help.

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