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About SysAid

SysAid is a service automation company that provides software for IT teams to control all aspects of service management. From ticket sorting through workflows that eliminate the need for manual repetitive tasks, and empowering users to resolve common IT issues, SysAid service automation enables faster service, lighter workloads, and a smoother experience for admins and users alike. And beyond IT, wherever there is a service—from HR to Procurement—SysAid makes things run smarter. With over 5,000 customers, SysAid partners with organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises across 140 countries.

SysAid has been a recognized Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for IT Service Management Tools for the second consecutive year.

Business need

SysAid’s products cater to various customer segments. Thus, the installation setup and configuration differ depending upon the customer’s business requirements. SysAid needed a platform to host their library of configuration and product usage. SysAid knowledge base consists of product documentation that includes configuration guides, installation procedures and manuals.

In the past, SysAid was using Dreamweaver to create htm files and syncing it with an in-house tool to publish their product documentation. However, the setup offered a few challenges such as

  • Search functionality was lacking in the knowledge base site
  • Additional overheads in managing the htm files that were stored in local storage
  • Additional process overheads in syncing with in-house tool for publication
  • Lack of analytics to listen to customer feedback
  • No draft reviewing capabilities


SysAid has chosen Document360 after evaluating several other tools.

Document360 provides these features to meet their business requirements

  • Intuitive editor to compose and publish product documentation
  • Rich analytics feature to listen and respond to their customer feedback quickly
  • Make amendments to existing documentation quickly based on customer feedback
  • See article version history and ability to compare article versions
  • Inserting images and screenshots into an article using drag and drop feature
  • Linking relevant articles inside another article
  • Fork an article to make changes

SysAid has a good documentation workflow in place to ensure that documentation is peer-reviewed to meet their customer expectations. The documentation is checked for technical accuracy and information flow before publication.

Avi, technical writer at SysAid mentions that the technical writing team works closely with the Product team before publishing content related to new features and with the customer support team when creating and updating appropriate knowledge base articles to assist their customers’ support agents.

Business Impact

After Document360 implementation, SysAid has built a self-service knowledge base site such that their customers can look for information and are able to assist themselves. This helps SysAid to reduce the number of customer support tickets being raised.

Avi, technical writer at SysAid regularly checks

  • Popular articles that their customers are visiting,
  • likes/dislikes on any article
  • Broken link checker to ensure there is no broken links
  • “No-search result” keywords

Based on these analytics, Avi takes action to ensure their documentation stays up to date in meeting their customer expectations. Avi says that

Compared to previous tools, SysAid is reaping lots of productivity gains as Document360 enables them to publish knowledge base articles faster

Closing words

Rachel, product manager at SysAid says

While searching for an online documentation platform, we met with multiple vendors and tested quite a few products. Document360 seemed like a great fit from the very beginning, providing all our needs and introducing us to capabilities that we never considered possible. Our previous documentation solution was in-house, very outdated, and clunky. Moving to Document360, with the wonderful help of the migration team, was as smooth as can be. They completed the entire transition in a timely manner, with a high degree of professionalism, and were of great assistance to us. We have been using Document360 for only a short while now but are super content with its features and are very excited to explore it further. It is a great, modern, flexible, and very intuitive product that allows us to take our online documentation to the next level

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