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About SafeBreach

SafeBreach is a cyber security company based out of California, USA, and Tel Aviv, Israel. They have developed a platform that simulates hacker breach methods– running continuous war games to identify breach scenarios across network systems. It helps companies validate their cybersecurity and provides insights highlighting remediation efforts.

Business Requirement

Safebreach required a dynamic, but privately accessible platform to host their user documentation. They wanted a tool that could be customized to look more functional and appealing, was easy to use and where changes to information could be made any minute. They also required the platform to be integrated with other tools such as single-sign-on, Salesforce and Slack, so they could get notified about feedback instantly.

Safebreach had earlier tried out other documentation tools in the market like Paligo and Madcap Flare, but they faced multiple issues such as

  • The platforms being either too primitive or too expensive to use
  • The salesforce plug-ins had bugs which makes it unreliable
  • Content getting re-arranged every time a new article was published due to product bugs
  • Bad customer support
  • Too many bugs that were not getting fixed despite repeated complaints
  • Too minimalistic, requiring developers to develop a lot of features themselves
  • Content migration took more than 3 months
  • Difficult to get feedback from customers on the content
  • Most internal staff refused to have accounts in the platform and contribute to the documentation because it was difficult to navigate, and they were scared of disturbing the existing documentation


Safebreach opted to go with Document360 to host their user documentation site. The following features made it a perfect fit

  • Any changes to the information can be made at any second without fear of the documentation getting rearranged or disturbed
  • Workflow feature allows the documentation in-charge to get a notification every time their writer has completed an article and submitted it for review, allowing them to manage their peer review system before publishing
  • The version history and notifications also notify the in charge every time the support staff makes a change, so it can be reviewed once before it’s published on the site
  • The intuitive user interface enables customer support staff to easily navigate the portal, allowing them to peer review some of the content
  • The Single-sign-on (SSO) allows Document360 to get integrated with their support portal. So once a customer enters through Salesforce, they can access Safebreach’s support and Document360 website
  • Feedback manager notifies the documentation team the minute a customer or staff leaves a feedback comment, helping them improve their articles
  • Document360 allows customization and building of their templates with code and JavaScript, which technical writers can do independently, without calling developers in for help. This added a lot of functionality to their documentation.
  • The private access feature allows them to put all their documentation behind a log-in, so they don’t have to worry about sensitive information being shared
  • Options to attach screenshots, photos, and videos to certain articles
  • The code view allows writers to customize the way articles appear too by adding a special class to it
  • The link finder helps writers find backlinks to articles instantly by just keying in the titles

Gideon Behrensmeyer, head of Product Knowledge and Training at SafeBreach, says

The migration of content into Document360 took just two weeks, despite having their content in two different platforms

Business Impact

Gideon says, with changes to the documentation being done every day, more people within the company especially customer support team feel motivated to make changes, share feedback and make suggestions.

The rich analytics also gives them insights on

  • Countries from which people visit the documentation site most
  • Most searched keywords, so content can be modified according to what customers look for
  • The number of page views their articles get


Document360 has helped Safebreach create a privately accessible documentation site that is updated on a regular basis and is easy to navigate for both internal staff and customers. This encourages customers to use the site more and staff to contribute more with changes and suggestions.

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