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About Prerender

Prerender is a SaaS company that optimizes large JavaScript websites to be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Prerender serves 100% cached versions of web pages to search engine bots that have problems executing JavaScript. This helps companies save resources like money, time, and reap technical SEO benefits. Prerender’s tool improves page crawl rates and indexing speed by eliminating dynamic issues and serving a static version of every web page to search crawlers. It also ensures content and links are fully rendered before the crawl, ensuring crawl budgets are utilized better. Prerender ensures pages are prioritized and indexed fast to help boost SEO rankings.

Business Requirement

The customer’s developers need to connect to their web server. The process requires very clear, detailed instructions. The instructions also differ for every type of server. Thus, Prerender sought to create one source of truth for all their technical documentation.

Prerender was initially hosting their documentation on another platform; however, they faced a few challenges such as,

  • The documentation could not be organized easily into different categories or topics
  • The platform did not possess the capability for the authors to perform SEO on the content
  • There were no metrics on usage or what users were looking for in the documentation
  • Did not have options for users to leave any feedback

Prerender decided to opt for a knowledge management tool with all the required features, so they were only required to fill in their content and publish the documentation. They initially hosted their documentation on HelpScout, which they used for customer ticketing purposes but were still not satisfied with the outcome.


After evaluating multiple other options in the market, including Zendesk, they opted for Document360. Their support platform now hosts a lot more content than just technical documents. The content now includes best practices, tips and tricks, how the product is priced according to usage.

The following features in Document360 made it a perfect fit.

  • The categories on the left and tabs helped Prerender organize their content topic-wise, creating folders further within those categories. The hierarchical organization of information made it easy for navigation by users and allowed the content team to quickly view and understand what information has been documented and not.
  • The rich metrics provided by Document360 offers insights into how users interact with the content. For eg, the team recently made an important change on a few pages and was wondering how it was going to be viewed by customers, but later noticed the increased engagement and understood that it was working.
  • Identifying dead or broken links also helps when the knowledge base continually expands, and some links change or get moved over time.
  • The health check metrics, which colour a sentence in red or green, with recommendations to rewrite or rework, helps authors improve the quality of the content.
  • Feedback manager gives customers to give feedback on any information that is missing, requires more clarity or probably not working, which helps the customer success and support team constantly improve their content.
  • The homepage builder helps customize the homepage as per the brand guidelines so it does not look like another platform, rather an extension of their website.

Raquel Heyman, Customer Experience Consultant, says

Document360 has helped us empower customers to find the knowledge they need, instead of gatekeeping it. It is a game changer

Business Transformation

Prerender says hosting their support site on Document360 has helped decrease the number of support tickets on a specific issue.

Once we upload an article regarding a specific issue, we see support tickets regarding that issue decreasing by 20%-30%

The questions being asked by customers to the support team have also become extremely focussed, says Heyman.

For eg, instead of just asking us to tell them about a feature, they now say they recently read about it on our knowledge base but want to know how to make it work

Prerender says they are seeing a growing number of their customers now visiting their knowledge base to try self-serving before contacting customer support.


Adopting Document360 has helped Prerender establish a dynamic and organized online knowledge base that hosts more than technical documentation. This has helped Prerender empower their customers to find almost any information they require on the knowledge base, making them happy and feel like support is always available.

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