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About Nucleus Security

Nucleus Security is a cyber security SaaS product company that specializes in vulnerability management. It is on a mission to solve vulnerability management problems for large enterprises and government organizations. By addressing all aspects of building better vulnerability management programs at scale, they help their customers solve their security challenges. It acts as an all-in-one data aggregation and process automation platform for network, cloud, and application security.

Challenges faced

Nucleus Security was using a different platform before Dcument360. However, the previous tool did not provide a good visual experience, and the appearance was not satisfactory. Their major demand was:

  • A tool that is more appealing to the users.
  • A tool with features that are easy to navigate
  • A tool that does not compromise the best features of the previous tool as well

Business needs

Nucleus Security’s application is a little complex. Their major goal is to educate their customers with many use cases for diverse types of users. They provide resources not just for the existing users of their product but have also created a quickstart guide for inexperienced users, customers, and perspective customers. Within their application, they link their articles to their knowledge base platform. Their major business needs were to

  • Provide clear information about their product to all the customers.
  • Reduce the customer support tickets through the knowledge base.
  • Create a knowledge base that is more approachable and appealing to customers

How Document360 helps to solve the problem

With all the limitations in their previous tool, Nucleus Security decided to change its documentation platform. Document360 had many features they had missed all these years compared to their previous tool. Features like a table of contents, tagging, and additional articles were something they didn’t find in their previous tool.

With Document360 and having a better knowledge base solution, they were also trying to reduce the questions through support. As their customers can find all the information in the documentation, the number of support tickets has come down to a great extent. This has resulted in time saving for the customer support team. Their customers are also trained such that they can self-serve for any issues through documentation.

Adam says that ‘before using Document360, none felt proud about their documentation as it was overly complex’. He added that they were not happy with the way their documentation looked and how the articles were organized, and even the search feature was not that great. They did not feel they were serving their customers very well. They did not get any positive responses or comments about their documentation from customers or prospects.

Fast forward to the time they picked up Document360, the first thing they felt about their documentation is that:

  • The documentation looked so organized, and in fact, they were proud of how it looked.
  • They started receiving compliments about their documentation from the existing customers and other prospective customers.
  • They were happy and satisfied overall with the documentation.

Adam was excited to share the documentation process at Nucleus. He mentioned that their documentation is updated every week. As the engineering team at Nucleus does weekly releases, the documentation team stays in alignment with the engineering team to update the documentation regularly. Along with that, the support engineers in the team might directly make updates in the knowledge base when they find any new question that their customers repeatedly ask. In such cases, they directly add the question and the answer to the documentation, either adding a new article or updating an existing one.

Here are a few features that the team enjoyed with Document360. Adam says that,

  • The ability to create a table of contents for the articles was easy with the H2 value. He also mentions that separating the main sections of ideas into a single article is extremely helpful.
  • Having both editors in place is a great advantage that helps them easily switch to WYSIWYG and Markdown editors. The reason is that some of them prefer WYSIWYG, and some prefer Markdown editor. Adam mentions that ‘It is nice to be able to use both the editors’.
  • The setting on the article is very useful, with the ability to add or update the status of the articles.
I finally started to use content reuse feature; I’m so excited about the feature as it could save me so much time.

Closing line

Adam closes the conversation by saying that ‘the product is very easy to use, and all the advanced features are very useful to our organization’ He further adds that ‘as an on-going process, the product is very easy to work with and I enjoy working with Document360.’

When asked Adam what he would say if he wanted to describe Document360 in one sentence, this is what he said: ‘Knowledge base management made simple and enjoyable for the users as well as the customers’.

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