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About Infrrd

Infrrd is in the business of Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and has a Machine-Learning powered Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution to help companies around the world extract data from complex documents, unstructured, semi-structured, and structured, with high accuracy. Infrrd has been recognized as the market leader in the IDP segment by Gartner. Infrrd’s products cater to different domains such as Mortgage, Invoice, Insurance, etc. Infrrd’s flexible solution aims at enabling users to automatically process documents faster with higher levels of reliable accuracy.

The business needs

Infrrd knowledge base contains videos, demos, product information guides, API documentation, FAQs, and product release notes (available exclusively to their internal staff only). Infrrd needed a platform for product knowledge management to help their customers gain better insights on their products and features. Earlier, Infrrd used Confluence and PDFs to share product documentation. However, as Infrrd started growing, they required a more professional product to streamline access and delivery of their product information.

Before choosing Document360, Infrrd evaluated several SaaS knowledge base solutions.


Document360 was chosen as the preferred platform to manage their product documentation because it matched their business requirements. The important takeaways that made Infrrd choose Document360 are:

  • Documentation Editor – Use HTML editor for customizing styles, and easy to create content using the Markdown editor.
  • Category level access management to its content via readers group feature – Ability to provide granular access to its knowledgebase content based on roles and groups.
  • Branding of its product information portal through the Home page builder feature.
  • Analytics – Utilizing data and customer feedback to continuously improve documentation quality.

Based on upcoming Infrrd product releases, Document360 makes it easy for the Product Management team at Infrrd to create, publish, and manage product documentation.

Closing words

Sujith Parakkunnath from the Product Management team at Infrrd says:

Document360 security feature enables us to set granular access permissions to our content at category level. This offers a huge advantage for sharing right information.

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