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About Inedo

Inedo is a tech company headquartered in Ohio, offering products that provide Windows primary DevOps solutions to organizations of any size. They help companies to maximize the developer time, minimize release risk, empower stakeholders to bring their vision to life faster. Their products emphasize a strong visualisation of process, ease of use for developers of all skill levels, and building on the tools and process their clients already have. Their core value system for their company is named Chowa, a Japanese term for natural balance.

Challenges faced

The system that Inedo used before Document360 was following a documentation procedure that is understandable only for technical people. The major challenges that they faced were:

  • Their documentation should be frequently updated but only with their non-technical staff.
  • Though the system was good, they had to spend hours on training the non-technical staff on how to use the tool
  • The previous tool was not that user-friendly, and it was highly time-consuming

The business needs

As their documentation is to be frequently updated it is not possible to depend only on their technical staff every time; hence they were looking for:

  • A user-friendly platform that is easy to understand by anyone.
  • A tool that saves their time and need not require so much training.
  • A tool to help even non-technical staff understand how to use.

How Document360 helps to solve the problem

The latest tool they used before Document360 was very complicated to use and required a lot of technical knowledge to handle it. Now, as they shifted to Document360, it is very easy for them to create articles, edit them, save images, and make changes whenever necessary.

Jayson who is the content marketing specialist at Inedo says,

One of the biggest advantages of Document360 is that it is user-friendly and there’s no need for technical knowledge to get started with the product.

Document360 helps their internal team to write documentation for their customers or leads who are interested in the technical details. The major feature that they use is the document editor. The documentation team has 5-6 members working on the documents. The entire team has access to Document360, and they review the technical aspects. The CEO does the final review.

Jayson shared how they follow the review system at Inedo. Firstly, the team reviews if it is addressing the pain points of the customers and then makes any changes or updates to the articles which have become easier with Document360. He mentions that anyone who sees an error in the documentation in their team can just log in and make a quick fix without any formalities as earlier it was too difficult with the former product they used.

Jayson mentions that the customer support team at Document360 is helpful during the times when there is something they need the help with. Previously they needed many people working on the documentation. And now with Document360, they have saved so much time and easy usability has increased productivity as well. ‘It’s such an easy platform to work on’, says Jayson. Jayson was also excited to know about the integration features at Document360.

‘Document360 is more convenient and quicker for us to do things so that we can focus on other things’ says Jayson.

Closing line

In a nutshell, Document360 helps Inedo in so many ways, but the best part is making their review system easier and smoother.

Jayson closed the conversation with a short note,

Document360 is very easy to pick up and very intuitive to use, it allows us to work efficiently so that we can work on other things as well.

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