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About Glasswall

Glasswall CDR (Content Disarm and Reconstruction) eliminates file-based threats like malicious pieces of code within a file. Cybercriminals use such codes to embed threats targeting individuals or organizations in everyday files. Glasswall CDR rebuilds files and documents into a safe, clean and visually identical standard, free from malware risks. Glasswall has a range of industry-specific solutions for organizations to overcome security challenges in different sectors like defence, intelligence, critical infrastructure, cloud based services and Managed Security Service Providers.

Business Requirement

Glasswall CDR was looking for an online knowledge base to host their customer-facing product documentation, including user guides, troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and some of their products’ technical documentation.

Glasswall were initially hosting their documentation on Madcap Flare, but they faced certain challenges, such as

  • The tool’s user interface felt outdated.
  • Flare lacked collaborative tools such as discussions and private notes.
  • Flare is a desktop application that produces PDFs, HTML files and chm files which are optimized for offline viewing.
  • Publishing articles was an arduous process because it would provide HTML files which had to be hosted in a webserver via manual process.

Glasswall CDR was looking for a cloud-based knowledge management platform that was slightly customizable and more modern in appearance and feel.


Glasswall evaluated multiple modern knowledge base vendors and chose to host their documentation on Document360. The following features made Document360 match their requirements perfectly.

  • The platform is based in the cloud such that vendor takes care of hosting the knowledge base site.
  • Once the knowledge base article content is changed, it reflects instantly on the knowledge base site.
  • Homepage builder allowed customization of their homepage, aligning it with their brand guidelines.
  • Snippets allow certain content to be inserted into articles while editing thus saving authors’ time on retyping the content again or copying and pasting it from another article.
  • Glossary allows readers to hover over frequently used terms and view the definition on the knowledge base site, enhancing their user experience.
  • The rich metrics give them valuable insights into the geographical locations from where user traffic comes in.
  • Allows them to receive feedback in the form of thumbs up and thumbs down, which helps authors continually improve on their content.
  • Being able to index an article in terms of SEO, makes it also function as a marketing channel or a lead generation magnet.

Riyya Ahmed, Senior Technical Writer & Product Marketing Manager, says

Using Document360 has definitely been a transformational part of our product marketing initiative.

Business Transformation

A fresh, online knowledge base that aligned with Glasswall’s current branding was welcomed by everyone internally at Glasswall CDR. Riyya says,

The sales team especially appreciated the proper professional-looking knowledge base that they could now present to our prospective customers.

The site’s popularity has also made it another marketing tool within Glasswall, ensuring the content is aligned with their SEO guidelines.


With Glasswall CDR looking for a modern, dynamic, user-friendly platform, Document360 was the perfect solution. Its rich authoring experience helped the Glasswall team migrate their existing content and create new content quickly and efficiently. The platform has also successfully grown into an effective marketing and sales tool.

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