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About EasySend

EasySendhelps build digital processes on a single platform, making it easier for their customers with digital transformation. The platform turns pdf forms into digital journeys. EasySend mainly focuses on the banking and insurance industry.

Business Requirement

EasySend required a unified central repository of knowledge catering to their customer’s and employees’ needs. This public knowledge base had to be one source of truth for their product documentation. The knowledge base consists of product features, troubleshooting manuals, How-to guides, and How-to videos.

Challenges and Solution

Before migrating to Document360, EasySend used to host their knowledge base on Confluence. However, Confluence posed a lot of challenges such as

  • Hard to enforce governance on article creation and management.
  • Hard to track and update stale content leading to Confluence pages losing trust as information was not always up to date.

EasySend evaluated Zoho, Freshdesk, Document360 and Paligo.

EasySend chose Document360 because the platform was found to be very user-friendly and met all their business requirements. Some of the main features that stand out is

  • Import content from popular word-processing apps.
  • Able to set review reminders such that the content does go stale.
  • Ability to alert customers when an article has been recently updated or newly published.
  • Rich analytics.
  • Intuitive Markdown and WYSIWYG editor.

Ronny, a technical writer at EasySend has established a documentation workflow ensuring that content quality meets their customers’ expectations. The process starts with a technical writer drafting the content, and the product team reviewing it. Following this, the technical team reviews the content, and the final stage before publication is the grammar and spell-check.

Document360’s workflow feature ensures quality assurance in the documentation process. EasySend has migrated all its technical documents from Google docs using the Document360 “Import from word” feature.

Their public knowledge base made the EasySend product more approachable. EasySend customers are using their knowledge base to train their internal employees on the usage of the EasySend platform, thereby helping with quick onboarding into the platform. This public knowledge helped their customers self-serve as well.

Business Impact

Customer feedback is gathered from customer success managers, marketing, and sales teams. This feedback is used to update popular articles that continuously meet customer expectations.

EasySend uses the Document360 Analytics feature to understand its customer geography, thereby tailoring content in the localized language. The analytics data is shared with the marketing team to show where new prospects/sales leads come from.

Ronny says,

The Document360 team did not stop until everything was perfect and met our expectations

Closing words

Ronny, technical writer at says

Document360 makes creating and managing content easier than any other product that I have used

EasySend made an excellent video to promote their knowledge base

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