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About Cosmos

Cosmos Forms is a Calgary-based SaaS company that allows people to manage business processes from any mobile device, the web, or Microsoft Teams. Cosmos Forms enables businesses to design digital forms that help collect data from the source in real-time. The data collection helps Cosmos Forms’ customers manage their assets, data, resources, and processes and bring it all together to report, analyze and optimize. They have three products, namely-

  • Cosmos Forms: Provides intelligent forms which can replace paper and spreadsheets.
  • Cosmos Operations: A management solution that helps manage the safety and quality of assets.
  • Cosmos Insights: A tool that uses information from the forms to produce business trends and data analysis.

Business Requirement

Cosmos Forms required an online knowledge base to host their how-to guides on building forms, entering metadata, accessing the custom connector, and more. They also wanted it to be a privately accessed knowledge base, ensuring that only their customers could access their software documentation.

Cosmos Forms sought an easy-to-navigate documentation platform to enable customers to self-serve to any information instead of contacting customer support.

Cosmos Forms initially considered managing their documentation on WordPress but it required them to build the site. Cosmos Forms preferred using an all-in-one managed solution.


After researching a few options in the knowledge base space, Cosmos Forms chose to host their documentation on Document360. A few features listed below made Document360 the most suitable option.

  • A table of contents that allowed them to organize their content into various sections, so users could see different sections available and find the information they required.
  • Documentation editor made it extremely simple to make a change in any existing article. The change would be instantly reflected on the knowledge base.
  • Allowed embedding of images, which often helped explain a procedure better than any text could.
  • The easy-to-use interface which would attract more users to use the documentation site

Greg Dickie, Senior Software Engineer at Cosmos Forms, said

Customers have stopped contacting us with how-to questions, but now only call us for actual problems

Business Transformation

Greg says Cosmos Forms has begun seeing a reduction in customer support tickets after setting up their online knowledge base on Document360.

Document360 helped us establish a single source of truth for procedures both internally and for customers. This has eliminated differences in opinions regarding procedures

Cosmos Forms also reports that the online knowledge base has helped standardize all procedures being followed internally. It leaves no room for doubt anymore, leading to better efficiency.


Cosmos Forms, which is a start-up that is in the process of scaling their operations, found Document360 to be a perfect solution to help its customers self-serve. In turn, it also reduced the burden on their customer support team and synchronized their internal functioning.

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