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Business Background

Cascade is a leading strategic execution platform enabling more than 45,000 different teams, across some of the world’s leading brands, to collaborate, adapt faster, align and improve business observability by connecting siloed metrics. Cascade’s customers use their software platform to execute multiple strategies for projects which range from deploying lifesaving vaccines to building the world’s fastest Formula One car.

Business Requirement

Cascade was looking for a platform that could host their customer-facing user guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs). They were earlier using their customer support platform as a channel to write their guides and articles. However, they decided to move to a platform which was better suited to regularly composing, updating and publishing articles. They were specifically looking for a platform which

  • Provided version history and powerful version control
  • Was easy to use for both customers and support staff composing the articles


Some of the features that the Cascade’s KB team find most convenient in Document360 include

  • The Custom CSS which enabled them to present the articles they wanted to and in line with their brand guidelines. They could also make the documentation look much more visually appealing, understandable, easily searchable and consumable.
  • The in-built analytics has also been found to be extremely impactful in helping the KB team understand which were the most viewed articles, most searched terms etc.
  • The in-built SEO feature helped their articles become more easily searchable within the site and on Google.
  • The Review feature ensures that all articles are peer reviewed before they are published
  • Ability to maintain articles by regularly updating it. Setting review reminders for articles to ensure the above is done.
  • The Hide feature which allows the team to unpublish or archive an article if a specific feature is turned off
  • Feedback manager which ensures the team gets notified immediately when they receive feedback and ensures it is addressed seamlessly

Aarthi Kumar, Principal Knowledge Base Manager, Cascade says

Document360 best suited us in terms of costing, feasibility, user experience and most importantly the autonomy it gives the KB manager.

Business Impact

Aarthi Kumar says,

Since adopting Document360, we have been adding 30% more articles to our knowledge base every quarter.

Aarthi Kumar says,

For a company like Cascade, it is very important for us to understand from which country or region we get the most visitors, so we give marketing and sales initiatives in those areas more emphasis. The rich metrics we receive provides that.

Giving an example, Aarthi says, that if they find UK is more interested in their strategy tool, because 70% of the people who viewed articles are on it are from UK, compared to the USA or Australia, the sales team can use this data to reconfigure their targets and efforts. They can target region-wise specifics, she adds.

With Document360’s rich features, we envision our customers self-serving soon, reducing the load on our customer support team.


Document360 with its ability to make documentation easy to create, visually appealing and give insights on their impact is a perfect tool for a scaling company like Cascade who plans to use their resources much more efficiently.

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