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About ApexBI

The Power of Knowing

Apex BI is a technology expense management software company that serves small, medium and large enterprise. Our software helps our customers manage and optimize their fixed line and mobile telecommunications expenditure, usage and inventory – across all of their providers in a single platform.

Why you started looking for a knowledge base?

Being a software provider ourselves, we have a vast amount of information such as support and training material that we want to share with our customers and business partners. Traditionally, the information was saved in various documents and or online in different cloud storage locations. We also found ourselves creating customer-specific documents which were becoming too lengthy and complex and let’s be honest, no one wants to spend their time searching through lengthy documents for information, not to mention the challenges in keeping a information relevant.

Why did you select Document360?

We tested a couple of different solutions prior to making our decision. Document360 was by far the best. The platform addressed every one of our requirements. The platform was easy to set up, is easy to maintain and most importantly, the platform is exceptionally user-friendly and makes for an engaging customer experience.

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