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2021 yearly roundup blog-Document360

Document360’s Year in Review: 2021

Category: Product Update

We hope you all had a great time during the Holiday Season. As we enter 2022, we thought to give you an update on how far we’ve come as a Business, and some of the key features that you can take forward in your business and implement by giving your customers one-of-a-kind experience with Document360.

It was indeed a great year for us at Document360 as we shipped a lot of important features to give you a great user experience. So, here’s a roundup of all the new features, updates, integrations and extensions that we launched in 2021.

Document360 highlights:

We always believed that there is a better way possible to upgrade a SaaS product all the time. And with this belief, we came up with a lot of features that will DELIGHT your customers. Here’s a glimpse of 2021 and highlighting the best features that you could find in order to make your documentation classier.

2021 year in review-Document360


Here are the features that will increase your user experience:

  • Smart bar: The smart bar feature in Document360 helps to display any message or information at the top or bottom of your knowledge base
  • Full portal search: It is a dedicated space in the knowledge base to perform search in the entire project content
  • Recycle bin for articles and categories: This is one of the most requested features. The deleted articles and categories can be found now in the recycle bin
  • Export to PDF: The Export feature helps you to export your articles to PDF and save them on your device
  • Links status: With the link status feature, you can find the status of links and identify any broken or non-working links
  • Page not found: The page not found feature lists down all the links that show a 404-page error.

Automation Updates

We have enhanced the automation process to reduce your time on repetitive tasks. Here is the list:

  • Ticket Deflector: This is the most awaited feature to reduce the support ticket from customers and help them find the solution directly
  • Workflow: The Workflow feature helps in managing the knowledge base documentation by an internal business process.
  • Import articles from word files: Importing article content from documents into a knowledge base is possible with the Import feature now
  • JWT Single Sign-On: Integrate JWT encrypted tokens to facilitate readers and reader groups for SSO (Single Sign-On)

Performance Improvements

These features will help you to improve the performance of your knowledge base: 

  • Category types: Introduced 2 new category types and you can choose to do more with the categories now
  • Search in attachments: With this feature, you can perform a search for the content that is inside the PDF files
  • Bulk delete for articles: This feature helps to perform delete action in bulk by selecting multiple articles or files.

Thank you for being a part of Document360, and we have already kicked off this new year with a great enthusiasm. Stay tuned for more updates to come in 2022!

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