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October Product update - Document360

October 2018 Product Update: Edit and Undo Published Article, Delete Article Versions

October 2018 Product Update: Edit and Undo Published Article, Delete Article Versions

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Feb 16, 2021

For us customer gratification is of paramount importance, so we approach ways to advance and innovate Document360 that is imperative to meet your needs.

Check out and experience what’s new and enhanced on “Document360” this month!

  1. EDIT and UNDO Options’ for a published Article
  2. DELETE the Article versions
  3. Personalization with Author’s profile pictures
  4. User website UI/UX enhancements

Edit and Undo Options for a Published Article

We changed the user experience/user interface slightly so editing articles become easy. In the previous versions, the user need to explicitly fork a published version before editing the document. But with the new version there is an Edit button which automatically forks the article behind the scene and it also provides undo/cancel option if in case you clicked the edit by accidentally. This vastly improves the editing experience.

edit and undo option

The “Edit” Option allows the users to fork the content of the published version of articles for which do not have write access to until now.

Alternatively, if the users choose whether not to fork the edited article version, can disable this with “Undo” function, or instead can delete this article version in the version history.

DELETE the Article Versions

As users would consider that certain article versions are not of much significance anymore and would make sure to remove these permanently to avoid clutter in the documentation of articles in the knowledge base. So, we have facilitated users to remove the draft versions that are redundant or no longer using at ease with “Delete” feature in Document360.

delete article version

Personalization with Author’s Profile Picture

We made some subtle changes to the user interface to display the author profile picture wherever possible. For Example, in the below screen shot you can notice the profile picture is displayed on each revision of the article, giving the visual clue who performed that operation.

author profile picture display

User Website UI/UX Enhancements

The public facing website used by the customers and users is the key component of the knowledge base system. We constantly focus on improving the user facing website. In this version, we brought some major upgrades to the user website.

The Layout improved as clean and elegant for clarity and easy approachability of a user. For example, in the below screen shot you can notice the prominent SEARCH tool, bold Headings, clean Left Category alignment, balanced White spaces and sleek Font styles.

new design layout change

The Typography is the cornerstone of a good data table, allowing user to visualise information and act on it for efficient data insights. For example, in the below screen shot you can notice the improved readability of data table with expressive Fonts, heading boldness and neat alignment.

data table design

We have improved the Quality of the Print version in a way it looks good and supports the user with precise formatting and good readability.

For example, in the below screenshot, you can notice that the PRINT version copy looks nice taking the advantage of good resolution and user-friendly.

Print copy layout design

Other Improvements

There are some notable improvements in the product mainly around user experience.

  1. Slim loading bar works automatically displaying the progress in the portal.
  2. A Warning note provided to the user to secure data before leaving the portal with a popup of unsaved changes.
  3. The Search UI module could align with the dark theme.
  4. The initial level of sub-category articles indents precisely in the Category Manager.
  5. The heading elements H2, H3 and H4 in the Editor are well differentiated.

We look forward to your feedback and thoughts in the comments section! You can also read all our product updates in this section.

Helen Sheeba

Nov 2, 2018

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