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Beyond Basic Search: Leveraging AI for Enhanced Knowledge Navigation

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Mar 28, 2024

AI is an accelerating phenomenon from a technological perspective that inevitably arrived, and now it’s advancing much more rapidly. Innovation has been part of our culture; we’ve built it into the environment, so when people have ideas or opportunities to do things differently, we embrace that in Document360.

What have we offered?

Document360’s search capabilities have been a standout feature, allowing users to quickly find information despite extensive documentation. With the enhancements, these capabilities have reached a new level, offering an even more intuitive and powerful search experience. The search function was equipped with advanced algorithms and a user-friendly interface, ensuring users can quickly locate the exact information they need within the documentation. Now, we would like to take things one step further, powered by AI.

What necessitates a change?

The knowledge base contains hundreds of articles. For instance, a reader of a product manual is required to perform steps or instructions to configure the product. This leads to performing additional activities, especially while referring to multiple articles across categories. Eventually, this consumes time, creates confusion, and might end up providing a bad user experience while intending to perform respective tasks in the system. With these identified pain points of our readers, we are introducing AI to the search to provide more to increase efficiency, reduce time, and enhance readability.

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How are we achieving it?

We are excited to introduce Eddy, our AI mascot, to the Document360 family. As an assistive search AI, Eddy plays an important role in enhancing the user experience. Our systems utilize advanced algorithms powered by OpenAI to understand user queries and provide respective answers with accurate information.

We have introduced the ‘AI Settings’ option in the knowledge base portal, which allows users to enable the “AI assistive search” function. The setup process is designed to be effective, requiring only a few minutes to complete. The mechanism involves creating an embedding of your content and storing it on the backend. This approach ensures that search can swiftly respond to the queries posted by readers on the knowledge base site. As the content grows, the information gets updated within the embedding, and responses are enhanced automatically for readers.

For example, to successfully integrate Google Analytics into Document360, users are required to follow a series of detailed instructions. This process is crucial to ensure that the integration is effortless and functional. It involves several steps, each needing careful attention to detail.

Once users initiate the integration process, they might need to read various articles or resources to confirm that every configuration setup is enabled. This step is essential to ensure that the integration not only aligns with the users’ specific needs but also functions optimally within the context of the knowledge base.

With the implementation of “Ask Eddy“, every piece of information is consolidated into a single view and a list of articles where the source of information is retrieved is displayed for readers to verify.

Ask Eddy

Eddy Search

The feature is hugely beneficial for readers, as it allows them to easily verify the source articles from where information is retrieved and displayed along with prompt responses on the knowledge base site, ensuring transparency and credibility.

Eddy Question

Eddy search 1

In addition, the system has a feedback mechanism where every response generated by Eddy has an option for users to provide feedback. This feedback not only acts as a measure of user satisfaction but plays a crucial role in the continuous improvement of the algorithm. Each piece of feedback contributes to the system’s learning process, enabling the algorithm to refine its search capabilities and response accuracy over time.

The process of learning and adaptation is of paramount importance in maintaining the effectiveness and relevance of Eddy. By regularly incorporating user feedback, the algorithm becomes aligned with the specific needs and preferences of users. This leads to a more personalized and efficient search experience, ensuring that the Eddy feature remains a valuable and dynamic tool.

What about our data privacy?

As we evolve further into the Artificial Intelligence space, all the information has to be protected with the best methods following appropriate industry practices. Our systems are designed to comply with the data protection regulations of OpenAI. We ensure that all user data is treated with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.

With Eddy, Document360 makes a step forward in the journey to make information access seamless and intuitive for all users.

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