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2023 in Review: A Year of Transformation to AI

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Jun 11, 2024

When 2023 began, we aimed to give the product a fresh look to boost customer experience. But somewhere along the journey, we realized that we had to rebuild the product from the ground up to give our customers a truly transformative user experience. And that’s exactly what we did.

After a year of sheer determination, research, and creativity, we reinvented the product and launched Document360 2.0 in November. One of our focus areas was reducing the number of clicks authors had to go through to access basic functions like single sign-on, setting up review reminders, and publishing articles. Thus, we centered our design principle on just “simplifying” every task on the platform.

With the gradual emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we also looked to infuse our product with AI-powered features that tech writers and knowledge base users could benefit from.  Our generative AI solution—Eddy, was a brainchild of that line of thinking. Eddy now provides an elegant and efficient way to interact with your knowledge base. Eddy provides accurate answers to users’ questions and is equipped with robust security features, ensuring it only combs within the knowledge base for answers. Our customers are deriving value from every feature and enhancement we have introduced this year. Many of our customers have already begun trying out Eddy and seeing the difference it makes in their user patterns.

We also observed that API documentation had become compulsory for brands to unlock the power and potential of their product. This prompted us to integrate their API documentation and knowledge base into a single tool, which reduces duplication of multiple efforts, including branding and styling.

As our number of users at any point crossed 100K, 2023 saw the launch of Document360’s partner program. We have partnered with some globally renowned software resellers to increase our penetration within the market. 

Let’s look at the top highlights in terms of brand-new features, Generative AI capabilities, and improvements we made in 2023.

2023 Year in Review infographic

Meet Eddy, Your AI companion

We introduced Eddy our Generative AI solution. Eddy provides an elegant way to interact with your knowledge base underpinned by trustworthy content.

Document360 Eddy AI Assistant

Eddy can help answer your questions faster, provide more accurate responses based on the reference article, and provide answers in the format you like. All you need to do is “Ask Eddy”. Besides knowledge navigation, our Eddy can assist you in numerous ways that are listed below:

 AI Writer-Outline creation: When an author inputs a prompt for generating a content outline on a specific topic, “Eddy” AI functions similarly to other AI content creation platforms. It produces a detailed outline of the specified topic, with headings and concise abstracts.

AI Article Title Recommender: The Article Title Recommender is an AI-powered tool within Document360, designed to assist in choosing or revising article titles. When you’re naming or renaming your articles, this feature offers three suggested titles based on the article’s content. Each generation of a title suggestion for an article uses one credit. You can find the ‘Suggest title’ option in the article title area.

AI article summarizer: The Article Summarizer is another AI-powered feature available in Document360, ideal for readers who prefer to avoid going through extensive articles. This tool, which uses one credit per article summary, analyses the content of an article and produces a concise summary that appears at the top section of the article for easy reader access.

AI Tag Recommender: Document360 now features an AI-powered Tag Recommender. This tool enables you to automatically generate pertinent tags derived from the content of your articles. Doing so enhances the accuracy of articles’ categorization and boosts their discoverability within the Knowledge Base. This feature is particularly timesaving for Team accounts that require support in determining suitable tags for their article content.

AI SEO description generator: The AI-powered SEO description generator helps you effortlessly generate meta descriptions for your articles and category pages based on the content. It ensures you have the best meta descriptions to improve your SEO and increase organic traffic.

AI-related article recommender: The AI-related article recommender suggests a few related articles relevant to the article’s content. This helps maximize self-service because users can keep reading more and deeper into a particular topic they want to know more about. This enhances customers’ self-learning and improves content discoverability.

While there are only the initial AI features, we are working on many exciting new Generative AI features which will be released in the coming months.

New Feature Edition

Besides empowering our platform with Generative AI capabilities, we also introduced plenty of new features that enrich the authoring and content management experience with Document360. Right from a brand-new editor to enhanced solutions for API documentation, we have thoughtfully explored and analyzed requests before working on them. Below are a few of our salient new features.

API Documentation: The new feature in the API documentation tool offers a full-fledged solution for creating and managing your API references. This new feature ensures that your API documentation is thorough, well-organized, and user-friendly. The crucial “Try it” feature is included, allowing you to execute actions directly within the Knowledge Base site.

Advanced WYSIWYG Editor: We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new editor, adding to our existing suite of Markdown and WYSIWYG editors. Effortlessly structure and enhance content with our editor’s intuitive “blocks” system—no coding required!

Explore new features like slash commands, accordions, callouts, and inline comments for seamless content editing.

Dashboard: Imagine a dashboard that’s the ultimate destination for everything related to documentation. Your search ends here! The Dashboard in Document360 2.0 acts as your central control hub, seamlessly transforming your ideas into published masterpieces. It’s a comprehensive platform where you can easily monitor your project information, and track your contributions, making your digital documentation experience effortlessly efficient.

Github integration: The new GitHub integration allows users to connect their GitHub account and repositories to sync content with Document360 articles. Any updates made in the GitHub repository will be automatically synced with the corresponding Document360 articles.

Freshservice integration: The integration of Freshservice and Document360 streamlines IT service management and knowledge base handling by offering centralized access to comprehensive documentation. This synergy allows both support teams and customers to effortlessly access and utilize the latest how-to guides, FAQs, and product information within Document360, directly from the Freshservice interface. It enhances customer support efficiency by enabling quicker ticket resolutions by easily referencing relevant knowledge articles.

Sandbox: You can now set up a Sandbox project, offering a platform to explore and experiment with various features, settings, and integrations, all without impacting your active projects. This Sandbox project includes a 14-day trial period and is available for team accounts linked to a paid project.

Zendesk federated search: The Zendesk federated search allows users of the Zendesk integration to perform a search that will include results from both Zendesk’s native knowledge base and Document360 coherently. This feature provides seamless user experiences, improves support experience, and enhances productivity.

Group-based tag: Allows team accounts to group similar tags into “Groups” for enhanced organization within the Tag library. By enabling the grouping of similar tags, teams can streamline their documentation process, making it easier to categorize, find, and manage articles or documents. This improved tagging system aids in maintaining a well-organized and user-friendly knowledge base.

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Elevating User Experience

While we always focus on making authoring and creating content simpler, more seamless, and more efficient, we have also been improving on ways documentation can be made more secure, analyzed, and managed by content management teams. Some new features that will enhance your user experience are listed below.

Analytics 2.0: With the new version of analytics, revolutionize how you track, understand, and optimize your reader’s interaction with your documentation. The Performance analytics data can now be exported as a CSV file using the new “export to CSV” feature. The data that can be exported includes–Leading Contributors, Top Articles, Primary Categories, and Countries.

Import and export project: The Import and Export features in Document360 have been significantly improved, particularly with optimizing project file exports. All newly exported project files are designed for effortless importing into Document360. For importing older project ZIP files exported before August 12, 2023, the Document360 support team is ready to assist.

We also have an additional update concerning the Drive capacity utilization. When it exceeds 1 GB, the option to “Include media files” in your export becomes unavailable. If you need to export files larger than 1 GB, please contact Document360 support for further assistance.

Import articles: Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our latest update – a Unified Import Window for Word Articles! Gone are the days of navigating through multiple clicks and screens. Our innovative feature streamlines your workflow by reducing the number of steps required to import your documents.

Bulk operations: Unveiling our enhancement: the integration of Bulk Operations within the ‘All Articles’ section! This move is designed to elevate your content management experience, making bulk actions more accessible and user-friendly.

Knowledge Base Site: We have introduced a Cache mechanism for every public project’s Knowledge Base site. This enhancement facilitates any updates made in the knowledge base portal to take up to 15 minutes to become visible on the public project’s knowledge base site.

Integrations—Zendesk: The main improvements in the Zendesk integration include a new look and feel with enhanced options, such as project workspace and language selection, and the ability to create root-level categories and subcategories directly from Zendesk. Additionally, the integration now allows for linking articles in response chats and displays the last updated date information in articles.

While we have been busy developing and building new features and improvements, the brand Document360 has been capturing the attention of top SaaS reviewers, directories, and awards. The brand has also been making its presence known at top industry events across the globe.

Awards and Recognitions

Document360 2023 awards

Reviews-wise, Document360 created a strong hold on the top position in the knowledge space category of top SaaS directories like G2, Capterra, and Source Forge. The product won 34 awards throughout the year.

Insights from Webinar Series

2023 Review Document360 webinar

To promote knowledge sharing by technical writing experts, Document360 conducted 9 webinars this year. We have featured well-known personalities from around the globe, including Sofia Emelianovav from Google, who spoke about Documenting large-scale and complex products, and Khrystyna Humenna from Crowd In, among others. We have also conducted insightful webinars through the Knowledge Base Ninjas podcast. Check below to catch them.

Knowledge Base Ninjas Podcast

2023 Review Document360 Podcast

We regularly interview some of the leading scientific writing and documentation experts to bring you top-notch learnings and ways to boost your Product and Technical Documentation skills. A few of our popular podcasts include “Crafting Quality Product Documentation” with Sofia Emalianova, Senior Technical Writer at Google, and “Navigating Team Dynamics in Technical Writing with Yael Basford, Senior Technical Writer at Akamai.

Insights from Global Meetups

Document360 2023 global meetup

In a bid to keep up with the pulse of the technical documentation community, Document360 was a platinum sponsor of MegaComm 2023 in Jerusalem, Israel.  Later on in the year, Document360 participated in the TC World Conference in Stuttgart. TC World, attended by 4,000-5,000 people, is one of the world’s largest gatherings of technical writers. We got to showcase the future of AI advancements in technical writing and our generative AI assistant, Eddy!

Looking ahead to 2024

Over the next year, we will focus on how generative AI can further empower content creation. We plan to help authors simplify and speed up creating content and publishing by providing gen AI features to paraphrase sentences, suggest alternate words, change the tone of an article, suggest a content for our article outline, and even adjust the length of the content.

With growing cyber security and malware threats that threaten loss of reputation, data, and even finances, we will be rolling out several measures to protect your knowledge base site. This will enable our customers to expand their site usage to store more critical and sensitive information.

Along the same lines as our portal, we also plan to revamp the knowledge site to give it a modern look, making it a more fun, interactive, revamped user interface.

Wrapping up

Overall, 2023 turned out to be extremely eventful and productive for us at Document360. Right from introducing breakthrough generative AI features and rebuilding and launching Document360 2.0 to watching the customer base grow and diversify, we can see ourselves being at the center of the documentation revolution!

Through this transformative process, we stick to our core values of being customer-obsessed and working to make documentation simpler and more effective for everyone.

An intuitive knowledge base software to easily add your content and integrate it with any application. Give Document360 a try!


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