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AI Article recommender and AI article summarizer

Streamlining Content Journey: Effortless Title Recommendations and Summaries

Category: Product Update

Last updated on Jun 11, 2024

We all know the surge of Artificial Intelligence since the 2010s and its impact in aiding people – ranging from our daily usage devices to predicting the natural calamity of the 2050s. Open AI is a research organization focusing on promoting friendly and beneficial AI. They develop various programming models and release various AI-related projects and tools. One such notable achievement is the advanced language model ChatGPT – a generative pre-trained transformer, simply put – a model that is trained to provide contextually relevant responses when users prompt for answers.

We at Document360 thought through how such a massive advancement can be leveraged for our users to make their life easy while documenting. We figured out two areas where our users can leverage the features – Article Title Recommender and Article Summarizer.

Article Title Recommender

Content structuring is a great deal for the contributors; aligning them in contextual flow takes time and effort. However, while the content gets updated regularly there is a strong chance that the article title provided in the first place may be irrelevant down the timeline. 90% of the contributors don’t want to change the article title since it has been registered with their readers’ community, but there is a conceptual change within the updated content.

Document360 is now infused with powerful AI tools from ChatGPT, which suggests the new article title whenever the users feel the time to modify it to align with the concepts they are referring to in the contents. We aesthetically designed it to make it simpler, so that it wouldn’t allow them to interrupt their daily workflows within an article. Keep it simple – is the principle we try to adhere to, and as the phrase goes by, while the contributors click on the Article Title – the system provides an option to receive title suggestions from AI systems. This, in turn, suggests title options that are closely associated with content provided by the contributor. And we do value your feedback, so as to improvise our suggestions.

Article Title Recommender Display

Article Title Recommender Suggest

By maintaining a strong association between the suggested titles and the content, users can quickly grasp the main topic or idea being conveyed, leading to increased interest and interaction.

Note: For the AI models to generate accurate title suggestions, it is recommended that an article consists of a minimum of 100 words. This ensures that the models have sufficient content to analyze and derive meaningful suggestions. By meeting this minimum word threshold, users can obtain more reliable and relevant title options for their articles from the AI models.

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Article Summarizer

Yes, from the contributor’s perspective, we have now been empowered with an AI feature, but we do have a solution for the content consumers, who are the readers of the articles. Often readers end up reading articles that end up containing irrelevant information. Typically, an article comprises approximately 800-1000 words, which translates to an estimated reading time of 5-7 minutes. This duration holds significant value for readers, ensuring that the content is concise and easily digestible without overwhelming them with an excessive amount of information.

To facilitate readers in finding relevant content efficiently, we have implemented the Article Summarizer feature. This feature offers a concise summary of the entire content in just a few words. By utilizing this summary, readers can make quick decisions regarding whether the forthcoming content aligns with their intended interests and objectives. If the content doesn’t match their requirements, they have the option to explore other articles within the documentation for the desired information.

This feature can be enabled by the users at the portal level, so the summary information is displayed at the knowledgebase site for the readers. In Settings  -> Knowledge base Site -> Article Settings & SEO, enable the option “Show AI Article Summarizer”. 

Article Summarizer

At the knowledge base site, readers now can access a summary of the entire article, enabling them to quickly grasp the key points without investing significant time. This streamlined approach allows them to make informed decisions on whether to explore the article further or proceed to other relevant content with minimal time investment.

Article Summarizer KB

Last Thoughts

At Document360, our Engineers are dedicated to conducting extensive research and analysis to ensure the development and deployment of AI models that serve the best use cases. We invest significant effort in refining these models to deliver optimal performance and utility. Additionally, we prioritize the privacy and security of our customers’ data.

To uphold our commitment to customer data privacy, we have implemented measures to ensure that no data is retained within the OpenAI ChatGPT models for reference purposes. This means that any information shared during interactions is not stored or used beyond the immediate context of the conversation. Our focus is on maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of customer data, recognizing its value and the importance of safeguarding it.

By combining rigorous research, model improvement, and stringent data privacy practices, we aim to provide a valuable and trustworthy experience for our customers while prioritizing their privacy and data protection.

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