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Transforming Glossary Management

Transforming Glossary Management with AI – Eddy

Category: Product Update

In the knowledge base platforms, the glossary serves as an important component. This offers a complete view of the key phrases or terminology to understand the content. The significance of the glossary is not just in its definitions but also in its aim to give contextual clarity across all the articles. From an author’s point of view, a well-curated glossary ensures uniformity and reduces ambiguity, leading to enhancing the overall quality of the content. From the Reader’s perspective, it acts as a navigational aid to understand complex concepts easily. As a platform, they improve searchability within the knowledge base, contributing to overall satisfaction and retention.

Assessing our approach

Document360 offers glossary support. However, a basic one has options to create glossary terms, mark them as either global, or associate them with a specific language. Contributors can leverage the Global terms across any language, while terms created for specific languages can be leveraged for the articles of their corresponding languages. In addition, the system provides an option to insert images in the terms as well. While all the above is being achieved through manual actions in the glossary management, the contributor still needs to navigate to the article and make the changes accordingly, which would be time-consuming when more articles are associated with terms. 

Lights on Hidden Challenges

Contributors usually create more content and in the later stage, struggle to reuse content elements and keep repetitively writing the same terms or phrases across the documentation. Another possible scenario could be importing articles from other sources, leveraging them in Document360, and publishing them to larger Reader groups. From the above scenario, there is a challenge to identifying common terms used across the articles and their contents. There is a high probability these terms are referring to the same definitions and values of understanding, and yet not captured by Contributors’ unless they spend additional time and effort to identify the patterns.

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Fresh perspective with Generative AI

With advancements in Generative AI, which can handle more contextual questions and responses, now it is the time to leverage those methods to solve the hidden challenges of our users. Document360 takes advantage of the OpenAI capabilities and performs a deep analysis of your documentation – articles and their content. Followed by it, identifies the terms, across the workspaces in the project, that are frequently written in many places in similar contexts before sharing with possible glossary term suggestions. Contributors with appropriate access permissions can now review the terms suggested by Eddy, and the review is made easy by providing details of the frequency of the terms across articles and the number of articles associated with the terms. Indeed, this information helps contributors quickly make decisions to approve it and add to the glossary management.

Fresh perspective GenAI

Fresh perspective

A complete solution 

As Contributors update the glossary management with new and other update activities, there are multiple articles associated with these terms. It would be a painstaking effort to replace the terms in all the glossary-dependent articles and keep the articles updated. Document360 clearly understands this frictional area and facilitates users with the mechanism in two ways. Firstly, while Eddy suggests the new terms, Contributors can opt to update the terms in articles. Secondly, if the user drafts the article, the platform looks up the terms and recommends the same to convert as a glossary in the article. By these means, the application ensures that the time and manual effort to be consumed with the updating content are cut down.

glossary management

Embracing changes

A good system thinks through the possibilities of user actions that would be taken in the future and offers a solution. Having that as one of the mottos, Document360 provides contributors with a weekly scan option for new glossary terms. However, there are chances that content may or may not be updated in good volume for a week hence, the system provides an option for the users to initiate the scan at their desired time. 

Automated Business Glossary

In conclusion, glossary management streamlines your content creation editing and enables quick references of definitions, and with the Eddy-powered – Automated Business Glossary solution, you leap ahead.

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