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Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Private Knowledge Base

Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Private Knowledge Base

Document360’s Feature Spotlight – Private Knowledge Base

Last updated on Jul 2, 2021

Creating a private knowledge base for your internal employees is a great way for organisations to provide employees with important, easy to find information.

However due to the sensitive nature of the information, they prefer it to be private. So there is no risk of sharing private information with the general public.

Check out this video on how to create your own Private Knowledge Base with Document360!


Document360 has the below features which cater to Private Knowledge Base

Centralised Collection Of Knowledge

Many companies invest heavily in a knowledge base software for their customers but never bother to maintain an internal knowledge base which can be vital to your employees. There’s no denying as Companies grow they gather a wealth of knowledge and this needs to be managed and maintained and shared throughout the organisation.

Biztalk360 handbook - private knowledge base

Website is accessible for public @ HandBook.Kovai.Co


  • Employee Handbook (pictured above)
  • HR Policies

This information kept as private allowing only employees to have access to such company specific documents.

Sometimes support agents can find it tough trying to deal with impatient customers and trying to get to know the nuances of the product to be able to handle any situation. When there are multiple customers who require different documentation to resolve their issues, an easy to use multi customer knowledge base can be crucial to customer support to gain customer confidence.


Security is a main point of concern now a days lot of companies investing to keep their information secure. There may be multiple teams handling documentation and it will good to authenticate the users that need access.

Review & Commenting

Team-work writing of articles (by commenting on articles) is possible by increasing Collaboration between Editors & Draft Writers by having a review process in place so Editors can assess the articles before they are published.

internal commenting

SSO Enteprise Login

Have a SSO login for both the private knowledge base website and the portal for quick and easy access.

Category Management

Easy organization of articles using the Category manager enables self-learning and allow the user to easily browse through categories.

category management

Fast Search

Document360’s each website has a search icon in the right-hand side of the ribbon. This icon runs along the top of the documentation when clicked. It has a fast intelligent, intuitive search that answers questions as you type. Add Tags to make sure the correct articles pop up when you search on those keywords.

interactive ai search

Add Users

You can add users in various roles Ex – Reader’s Role so employees can consume certain topics like various HR policies, customer support policies, social media policies etc which they should not be allowed to edit.

user management

Building a Help Center for your employees (Your first customers)

  1. Create and set a project as private – Create a project in Document360 with an appropriate name which will be used for the domain(this can be changed later) and with the flick of a switch make it Private.
  2. Invite users with different roles – Add the users who will should be able to access the private knowledge base with appropriate rights.
  3. Appearance customization
    • Pick colours & themes like your company Logo
    • Build & Publish your landing page
  4. Add a category/Add an article – Build your articles in Document360 using the Markdown editor that is super easy & intuitive to use. Forget about what size, colour and just concentrate on content. Using the quick formatting Toolbar decide the look of the document. Make sure to have the important sections in H2 Header so it automatically comes up in the Table of contents.
    • Use the Article level Settings to set up
      • Tags – for easy retrieval while searching
      • Mark them as ‘New
      • Enable table of contents
  5. Send for review /Comment & Then Hit Publish! – Send the article for review to an Editor who has the capability to Publish. The Editor can make comments in the Article asking the writer to make some improvements, which the aforementioned writer can then implement
  6. Login to your private portal – Login to your private knowledge base using your own credentials!

private documentation login page

Organization & communication are key to have your business running like a well-oiled machine. Create a robust private knowledge base that benefits your employees and in turn your customers. Document360 helps you to enable users on both sides of the interaction to find what they are looking for – KNOWLEDGE!

Are you interested in building your private knowledge base – Check out Document360!